Tesla completes its 16 years, Elon Musk still aims to 'work harder'.

Tesla writes 16 years of history, fan creates exhilarating tribute video

Tesla has completed its 16 years of existence, to some this was impossible from the start and the naysayers still predict the ‘doom’ for the 2nd ever American car company that survived after Ford — the humble beginnings of Tesla Motors sixteen years ago has now become a force to reckon with, especially after the proliferation of the Tesla Model 3 compact electric sedan.

The current Tesla CEO Elon Musk had to take the company’s torch in his own hands from the original founders Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning to execute the ‘Tesla Master Plan’ and accomplish the dream of sustainable transportation for the coming generations, it has not been a smooth ride for the agile CEO since then.

Under Elon Musk’s leadership, Tesla was able to create an electric vehicle that did not look and drive like a golf cart, rather it was fast and sporty and was called the Tesla Roadster, nowadays referred to as the ‘Original Tesla Roadster’ or OG Tesla Roadster.

The initial success and a few years of hard work paid off in the form of the 2012 Tesla Model S, still, the best luxury electric sedan money can buy, even after 7 years, giant automakers like BMW and Audi are struggling to match the range and performance of an early Model S.

Original Tesla Roadster, built on the Lotus Elise platform, inspired by the legendary EV1. Photo by: Tesla Inc.
Original Tesla Roadster, built on the Lotus Elise platform, inspired by the legendary EV1. Photo by: Tesla Inc.

Long story short, in the past 16 years Tesla has gone through many ups and downs and many pundits predicting its death and bankruptcy but the spirit goes on, Elon Musk and Tesla have developed a true community of followers and fans that are helping the company’s mission move ahead in the right direction, Tesla community is sometimes even called a ‘cult’ by top automotive industry executives and experts due to their hardcore affiliation with the company.

Just a day before the company’s 16th anniversary, CEO Elon Musk posted a ‘Thank You’ tweet to the supporters around the world, he said:

On the completion of Tesla’s 16 years of struggle, a fan named ‘Billy Crammer’ released a short video tribute that summarizes the trials and tribulations the company and Elon Musk has gone through the years to reach the point where they are standing today.

The video has been edited and composed to evoke emotions, and it does it in a profound manner, another video named ‘Tesla – Spec Ad‘ released last year by Chris Collins also has a similar effect on the audience, it captivates the viewer stunningly!

Congrats to the entire Tesla team on their rough and tough 16-year journey from our side as well, keep up the great work, keep moving towards the mission of saving future generations from the clutches of evil oil fumes and climate change.

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