Three Lucid Air variants in a single picture.Three Lucid Air variants in a single picture.

Lucid Air pricing, variants, and delivery timelines revealed by the automaker

It has been years since Lucid Motors first revealed its luxury electric car they named the Lucid Air. The world was wondering what would be the production and delivery timeline be.

Now the automaker has published a detailed press release answering all of the questions. According to timelines provided by Lucid Motors, the company will be starting deliveries of its limited-volume top-end variant, the Lucid Air Dream Edition in spring 2021.

This is less than a year left for this luxury EV to hit the roads, a great development in the electric vehicle universe.

Lucid Air Dream Edition is priced at $169,000 and as the automaker is eligible for the Federal EV Tax Credit of $7,500, the price after tax-credits would be $161,500 (full pricing table below).

Lucid Motors also live-streamed their global reveal event that you can watch the recording in the following video (the actual presentation starts at around 9 mins 50 secs).

Lucid Air Variants Price, Range, Charging, Performance Specs

VariantStarting PricePowerEst. EPA RangePeak Charging Speed0-60 mph time


Lucid Air Dream Edition$169,0001,080 hp465 miles / 748 km (21"AeroDream wheels)
503 miles / 810 km (19" wheels)
1200 mph2.5sQ2 2021
Lucid Air Grand Touring$139,000800 hp517 miles / 832 km (19"wheels)1200 mph3.0sQ2 2021
Lucid Air Touring$95,000620 hp406 miles / 653 km1200 mph3.2sQ4 2021
Lucid AirPure$77,400480 hp406 miles / 653 km1200 mphN/A2022

* All variants eligible for $7,500 Federal Tax Credit until the deliveries reach the cap of 200,000 units. Data source: Lucid Motors Press-Release.

Lucid Motors claims a peak charging rate of 1200 mph (1,931 km/h) which is significantly faster than the Tesla V3 Supercharging max rate of 1,000 mph (1,609 km/h). This and the exceptional range of the Lucid vehicles from 400 – 517 makes it the first Tesla contender in this department.

In the performance department, Lucid has also posted 0-60 mph numbers on par with their closest competitor Tesla. A few months ago, Tesla released a software update for the Model S that shoved down another 0.2 seconds off the car’s 0-60 time, the Model S Cheetah Stance in just 2.3s.

Before the Lucid Air Global Reveal yesterday, Lucid Motors released the following video of Lucid Air beating a Tesla Model S on the dragstrip and completing the 1/4-mile in just 9.9s — the first-ever production electric car to achieve this mark.

To many car enthusiasts, this was not an unbiased race. EV YouTuber Ben Sullins made a good analysis of this race and further explained Lucid Air’s feature in his video.

Watch Lucid Air beat a Tesla Model S in drag race

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