Faraday Future Releases Teasers For First Production Car Unveiling At CES 2017

Update: The story is getting more interesting with Faraday Future realeasing new teaser videos. Beating even Model S P100D Ludicrous in a drag race & also revealing more design stuff. Where are they headed, Chaos or Glory? Click for new teasers, story and videos.

Amid all speculation of the company coming close to bankruptcy and Jia Yuetang not interested anymore, Faraday Future shows signs of life by posting teaser photos of their first production-intent car planned to be unveiled on Jan 03 at CES 2017.

Although FF released a short teaser a video (below) on 27 Oct that shows a heavily camouflaged car being tested in the vast desert and not making any engine noise since it didn’t have an engine (all-electric), don’t we already know Faraday Future only makes electric cars?

Several pictures of the heavily camouflaged car have been circulating the internet which seems to be a crossover by looking at it’s shape and size and intended to rival Tesla’s Model X perhaps. But wouldn’t it be wise to give a Model 3 some tough time ahead of it’s production and delivery?

One of the leaked pictures below by Everette Taylor on Twitter gives us some an idea of what to expect from the futuristic car manufacturer.

The Teaser Pictures

Click/Tap the photos to zoom-in, download & share !

From the camouflaged pictures and video the car does look practical but from these teaser pictures the car’s front & rear look very futuristic, let’s hope the design also facilitates practicality. They have again shown cameras instead of side-view mirrors like many concepts have done in the past but due to regulations and practical reasons have ended up with just side mirrors or mirrors incorporating a camera for blind-spot detection.

So the hype has started to build up for them again but this might be their last chance to either hit the jackpot or the ground. Excitingly waiting for the CES 2017 and hope that Faraday Future‘s revelation would be a center point of the event.

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Written with excitement by Iqtidar Ali (Car Enthusiast/Web, UX Designer)

Last updated: Dec 08, 2016

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