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Elon Musk releases video of first ‘Car Elevator’ test by the Boring Company

Jul 26, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

About an hour ago Elon Musk blasted Twitter and Instagram with the video of the first ‘Car Elevator’ test ever. We can see that a midnight silver metallic Tesla Model S aligns itself on the elevator top and then it’s taken down to the tunnel as smooth as the original 3D demo video.

This demonstration is a topping of excitement on last week’s announcements that several state and city Governments were interested in Hyperloop Tunnels that make life easier for the urban population by avoiding traffic congestion.

Previously at the TED 2017 talk Elon Musk stated that the Boring Company only gets 4-5% of his time, but the progress since then has been remarkably fast from the first demo of the super fast electric sled and first boring machine sightings to today’s car elevator demonstration, it does not sound very distant in the future when we will see Hyperloop Tunnels becoming a reality.

As previously said by me ‘No more exciting times to live in other than the era of the Elon Musk’,  let’s see the video below and dream of the fantastic future ahead.

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