No One Needs A HUD On Tesla Model 3. Here’s Why

Apr 08, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

So the discussion on Model 3 HUD should now end since great Elon himself has almost denied that there will be a HUD or other display. The only display we have at present is the center screen on Model 3. In his recent tweet below is what He had to say when asked about the speedometer display;

Actually the center screen not only replaces the instrument but if you look closely there is no knob or button on the dashboard. Tesla have replaced everything with digital touch controls on the center screen.

That includes climate control, seat adjustment, air-duct select, multimedia, navigation and everything else. This is what makes Model 3 or Tesla cars futuristic. Therefore the instrument cluster behind the steering wheel needed to go.

Many Japanese cars have the speedometer digital display in the center and it doesn’t bother a lot to the customers, only that it lives above the dash. In Model 3, Tesla is bringing a change alongside saving costs on vehicle production. Check the image below I have edited to try explain the Model 3 center screen placement, doesn’t seem to be much of a visual distraction.

Model 3 Center Screen Visual Ease
Model 3 Center Screen Visual Ease. Click to zoom-in
Model 3 User Interface - Speedometer, Autopilot etc.
Model 3 User Interface - Speedometer, Autopilot etc.

The only argument that seems to be valid here is that the screen is not integrated like the S or the X but again it’s an economical EV. The above photo is from an older prototype but still then the speed display was placed in the top-left corner of the screen. In the new spy shots that Jalopnik released earlier this week the speedometer looks more intuitive to mimic the analog speedometer.

Model 3 center screen speedometer
Model 3 center screen speedometer

And as per Elon Musk the speedometer control will dynamically change it’s opacity which I think means in higher speeds the speedometer will become more prominent.

Let’s see the user-interface of the center screen from a prototype Model 3 that shows all the controls on it.

But these controls and screens have now changed since we have seen the Production Candidate Model 3 pics from Jalopnik. Below is a shot of the probable autopilot paparazzi shot.

Model 3 production candidate autopilot display
Model 3 production candidate autopilot display

The new interface seems to have been worked hard on since the older version we have seen closely. It seems to now have moved from a simple interface to a more graphic representation of the elements.

Still we are waiting on the clearer pictures to get the final idea of how this screen will define the dashboard and info display of future electric cars.

Is this screen practical or not? Alexandre Moleiro did an experiment last week by docking his Tablet PC in the center of the dashboard of his Fluence Z.E and driving at night (video below). According to him this display works and he even covered the instrument panel behind the steering wheel to get a close feel of the Model 3.

Take a look and let me know your thoughts in the comment section below or on our Model 3 Forums.

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