Tesla Model 3 shipment unloading at the Shanghai Port China

Watch Tesla Model 3s unloading from a vessel at the Shanghai port, more updates from China

The Tesla Model 3 scene in China is as hot as it is in Europe right now — we can see hundreds of Tesla Model 3 being unloaded from a vehicle transport vessel at the Port of Shanghai (video below).

Tesla is offering 3 variants of the Model 3 in China i.e. Dual Motor Long Range, RWD Long Range, and the Dual Motor Performance, which are relatively expensive than the mid-range Model 3 available in North America but still more than 10,000 cars are reported to be reserved according to native sources.

After the completion of Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai this year, the locally manufactured cheaper Standard Range Tesla Model 3 will be available for Chinese customers which is expected to skyrocket the demand for Tesla vehicles in China in 2020, not to forget that Tesla Model Y standard variant will also be built in China according to Elon Musk.

Today, the first Tesla Model 3 compact electric sedans were handed over to the Chinese customers in Shanghai as well (photos below). Robin Ren a Tesla enthusiast who reportedly has millions of followers on the Chinese social media along with other influencers got their Model 3s delivered today.

Above: First Tesla Model 3 deliveries to Chinese owners and a bunch of Tesla Model 3s reach the Goldenport race circuit. Photos via JayinShanghai

The Goldenport race circuit in Bejing seems to be the favorite racing location for Chinese Tesla Model 3s as Tesla has brought several Model 3s to the race track and they will be performing there tomorrow.

Previously a Tesla Model 3 gave a tough time to other EVs and Internal Combustion Engine vehicles in a race event at the Goldenport circuit organized by Chinese mobile app  懂车帝 (Know The Car) and we posted an exciting adrenaline-filled video of the event.

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Video: First large Tesla Model 3 shipment unloads at Port of Shanghai, China

Above: Tesla Model 3 shipment at the Port of Shanghai, China via Vincent Yu

According to sources (JayinShanghai/Vincent Yu) the total number of Tesla Model 3 in the above-seen vehicle transport vessel is ~1600 units, Tesla Model S and Model X were also part of this shipment to China.

As Tesla’s Fremont factory is currently producing around 5,500 Tesla Model 3s a week, this number seems to be around 2 days of production but Europe is getting massive shipments of Model 3s with each passing day.

We think there is a lot left to be seen in the Chinese Tesla Model 3 episode, we will be posting any updates from the Goldenport circuit and more real soon, stay tuned.

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