Tesla Model X towing Chevrolet Silverado 1500

Tesla Supercharger ‘de-ICE-ing’ done the right way – Model X vs. Chevy Silverado

ICE-ing happens when a conventional Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicle is intentionally parked at a Tesla Supercharger or EV charging station for no apparent reason other than to disable electric cars from getting charged.

The ICE-ing issue is widespread but recently it has elevated to a new level with aggressiveness added especially in the United States where a group of young drivers of large pickup trucks block Tesla Superchargers and even chant swear words at the Tesla owners.

At least two of the above incidents happened within the last month (pictured below), where the pickup truck drivers also yelled at Tesla owners and swore F-words.

Seems like an unacceptable behavior from people of a certain mindset that are not ready to accept the electric vehicle revolution, they might see it as a threat to their investments or existing property.

However, harassing a certain group of people is surely a matter of concern, Tesla owners should be aware of their local laws if they are able to call authorities in such a situation and even get the ICE vehicles towed away from a dedicated Tesla/EV charging spot.

While brainstorming on ways of ‘de-ICE-ing’ the Supercharger spots, a Tesla Model X owner thought of towing a pickup truck out of the station and he was successful in doing so as we can see in the following video.

Luckily the Tesla Model X owner had a Chevrolet Silverado available in the family for this test where the electric SUV easily towed the giant full-sized pickup truck out of the way.

Tesla Model X is a powerful beast that has demonstrated towing even loaded semi trucks in snow along with other impressive feats — a pickup truck with parking brakes ON was a no-brainer for the electric SUV.

We can see in the first ICE-ing image how huge these trucks are, even a full-sized SUV like a Model X looks petite but a huge amount of torque is packed inside (920 lb-ft for the P100D).

A Tesla Model X is also super-heavy due to the rigid structure and a solid battery pack built in the floor of the vehicle (2.7 US tons for a P100D), so even the Model X looks small in size but has immense towing capacity beyond the manufacturer specs.

Although before towing an ICE vehicle yourself be sure of the safety of yourself and the property around and only do it when you’re confident that you are not going to break anything.

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