Tesla Model 3 performing 'Autopark' after V9 Update

Testing ‘Autopark’ & ‘Autopilot’ on a Tesla Model 3 after V9 update

Since Tesla Version 9.0 is a major software update for the entire Tesla vehicle fleet — extensive re-testing of the existing and new features is ongoing by the owners and enthusiasts.

Brian from the i1Tesla YouTube channel was able to get the V9 update about a week ago and did some important tests like the ‘Autopilot’ behavior and ‘Autopark’ after the latest update (videos below).

‘Autopark’ feature was first introduced last year with the 17.22.46 Autopilot 2.0 software update (also known as the ‘silky smooth’ update).

Brian’s Model 3 was able to do the perpendicular autopark with landscaping on the left and vehicles parked on the right, but while reversing the Model 3 got very close to the parked vehicle and in the end it didn’t park fully straight, maybe the vehicle was trying to avoid the landscaping more.

Autopilot Hardware 2.5 Tesla Vehicles - Full Self-Driving Capability Infographic
Autopilot Hardware 2.5 Tesla Vehicles - Full Self-Driving Capability Infographic

The thing to remember here is that after the Model 3 V9 update, all the 8 cameras on the vehicle are now active and give the Autopilot software a 360° vision of the surroundings — also taking help from the Ultrasonics and Radars equipped on the Hardware 2.0+ Tesla vehicles.

Let’s first watch how Tesla Model S with the V9 update performs the ‘Autpark’ (Model 3 Autopilot test video below):

Tesla is also deploying sub-versions of the V9 update which started from Firmware update 2018.39.0 and within a week or so has reached 2018.39.7 — so we should be able to see extensive improvements in the Autopilot side of the Version 9.0 update within coming weeks.

Navigate on Autopilot‘ is another feature that is due in a few weeks or coming months which was initially part of the rollout but eventually Tesla and Elon Musk had to put it on hold for further testing and improvements. This means that the ‘Autopilot for V9’ is still improving and owners should be extra-alert when using the feature with the latest update until it gets stabilized.

Let’s watch how Autopilot performs on a Tesla Model 3 with V9 update .

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