Tesla Pickup Truck sketch drawn by a Tesla/Elon Musk fan

Elon Musk fan draws the under $50k Tesla Pickup Truck sketch and it’s awesome!

– Tesla/Elon Musk fan imagines the Tesla Pickup Truck and posts the sketch on the Tesla Subreddit
– Elon Musk says the base price of the Tesla Pickup Truck will be under $50,000 in his latest interview (scroll down to listen to the entire interview podcast)

After Tesla Model Y, the Tesla Pickup Truck is the favorite subject of Elon Musk/Tesla fans who have the skills to draw, sketch or CGI — the above Tesla Pickup Truck Sketch posted on Reddit by u/greenfruit aligns more with the Tesla design language than the previously seen renders (more angles below).

Tesla CEO Elon Musk, on the other hand, revealed that the base price of the upcoming Tesla Pickup Truck will be under $50k which is significantly lower than the Rivian R1T going to production next year with a starting price of $69,000.

Of course, the base variant of the Tesla Pickup Truck will have fewer options than the higher-end variants the automaker will offer and as the tradition goes, the base variant will be the last candidate hitting the production lines.

Rivian R1T’s base price does not include the $7,500 Federal Tax Credit or any other rebates available in various states, the Tesla Pickup Truck‘s under $50k price tag must be before the potential savings and tax credits but it’s not clear while listening to the interview.

Tesla Pickup Truck sketch with front, side and roof views.
Tesla Pickup Truck sketch with front, side and roof views. Photo Credits: u/greenfruit

Tesla showed a teaser image of the Tesla Pickup Truck at the Model Y unveil event which very few people at the event noticed, but it went viral after Elon Musk tweeted the photo, it basically shows a glowing light-slit that probably spans horizontally across the entire front fascia, we can see that light-slit drawn in black on the front view sketch of the above illustrations.

Tesla also played the ending titles of the movie Blade Runner when showing the Tesla Pickup Truck teaser at the Model Y unveil, which refers to Elon Musk’s earlier statements that this truck will not be out of place in the Blade Runner or similar futuristic movie’s universe — the Tesla Pickup Truck’s concept sketches we see above do fall near that category since there is no pickup truck currently available in the market qualifies as such.

Of course, keeping such a unique and aerodynamic design under $50k will be a challenge for Tesla but it is not impossible, Tesla and Elon Musk have already pushed the boundaries for electric vehicles ahead of their time, the rest are now slowly following up.

Elon Musk talked about a lot of things in an hour-long interview on Ryan McCaffrey’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ podcast this past Sunday, Model S, Tesla Pickup Truck, Next-gen Roadster, Model Y production, and his thoughts about Tesla and his work ethics, let’s listen to the podcast to be inspired!


Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX
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