Our choice of top Tesla Project Loveday submissions – Part 1

On 1st Mar 2017 Bria Loveday a 5th grade girl wrote a letter to Elon Musk with an idea of creating a contest where Tesla fans will create Ads for the company and winners would be given some kind of reward. Elon Musk readily appreciated the idea and Tesla quickly updated their website with details of the competition. So the contest was called ‘Project Loveday’.

The Grand-Prize of the contest is;

The Entrant with the top winning Submission will be invited to and introduced at a future Tesla product launch event. Tesla will pay for reasonable travel expenses and accommodations for 2 people for 2 nights.

That surely is the invitation to the Mode 3 final unveil event in July, because the final date of claiming the prize is 07 July 2017.  This also determines that the Model 3 event will take place after the first week of July but no date has been confirmed yet.

So let’s look at the first compilation of Project Loveday ads we found to be the best yet. Part 2 of our list of best ads will be posted as the competition nears it’s end date of Jun 05.  Please let us know your thoughts and comments in the comment section below.

#5: Play

This submission has feeling entwined, it’s a breeze and so pure it touches your heart. Doesn’t violate the rules specially the one which enforces the use of your own footage only. This is what the author has to say about the video;

We wanted to convey the message of sustainability and looking to the future. The Tesla helps the narrative by acting as a bridge between what is ultimately a story about a father and daughter.

#4: The Plan

This is another great ad with professional cinematography and editing and a good narration. The creators put it like this;

Almost all of the innovation in tech this past decade has been digital. It’s almost like the internet killed our passion to create physical things and advance our state of being.

Our climate is changing, like it or not. But we can change that if we get our head on straight.

We only have one planet, and for hundreds of years, we’ve been exploiting its resources for the profit of few…

#3: Tesla Model 3 in 1:03

A nice ad that walks you through the vital information about Tesla Model 3 in 1 minute 3 seconds. The choice of music in this one goes along the ad’s theme in a good way. The author’s description of the video;

This Tesla Project Loveday video introduces the Tesla Model 3. It includes known Model 3 specs such as its range, 0-60 time, supercharging capability, and Tesla’s flagship Autopilot technology. The Model 3 will be released in July 2017, with a starting price of $35,000.

#2: Spaceships For Earth

This ad by Everyday Astronaut has the most unique idea I have seen yet in all submissions with a subtle vision of the future. A well done job in 44 seconds, couldn’t have been better. It is also the most viewed Project Loveday submission with over 300,000 views so far but does this translate to being #1 in Tesla or Elon Musk‘s list? Only time will tell.

#1: Your Sun

The only reason I put this ad on #1 spot on part-1 of our list of Loveday ads is the inspirational message by telling his personal story. The idea behind the video as described in the author’s words;

As soon as Tesla announced the Project Loveday contest in March I started envisioning the story line of the video. I knew I wanted to make it a personal story that would lead into and ultimately end with the Tesla vision in the viewer’s mind. Andy Slye

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