Royal Mansour luxury hotel replacing Bentleys with Tesla Model X electric SUVs.

Moroccan 7-star hotel is willing to change Bentley cars with Tesla Model X SUVs

Royal Mansour Marrakech is a 7-star super luxury hotel in Morocco that realizes it is now the right time to replace their Bentleys with Tesla Model X SUVs. It took efforts from a few Tesla enthusiasts from Morocco to convince the palace hotel in making this decision.

The super luxury hotel currently uses 2 Bentleys to pick and drop their customers from the airport but is now switching to the cleaner and greener Tesla Model Xs for the purpose.

According to Khalil Amar, the hotel is willing to buy the  Model Xs as soon as Elon Musk and Tesla launch their services officially in Morocco, He even tagged Elon Musk in his tweet asking for a local store, service center and Supercharger and the Tesla CEO pressed the like icon on this tweet, meaning the processes might accelerate after this.

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Obviously, the hotel guests will feel special when entering a Tesla Model X SUV through the falcon wing doors into a modern cabin instead of the 80s styled Bentley interior, guests complained according to Khalil.

The lowest price per night at this hotel is around a whopping $1,700 as we checked via, a good percentage of guests at the hotel will become Tesla customers for sure to enjoy a Tesla luxury SUV at the fraction and another fraction of this cost for daily use.

We congratulate the Tesla lovers from Morocco on their sincere efforts and taking the world another step forward towards sustainability.

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