Tesla Model X Towing Power Demonstrations

Watch the immense towing power of Tesla Model X that no other SUV can imitate

Apr 04, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

SUV towing a 95,000 lbs semi truck on snow — I bet that’s a rare sight that even a Google search won’t help you much with — all you’ll see is Tesla Model X performing great feats of towing.

Although the official Model X specs mention a 5000 lbs towing capacity but when needed this beast of an SUV can even rescue loaded long haulers — can’t believe it? Just check out the videos below and your views will change.

You can also watch Tesla Model X towing a 250,000 lbs of muck rail cars out of Boring Company‘s tunnel — this might be a world record for an SUV, I am not sure.

The following video is posted by Kyle Conner on Facebook which shows a Model X with dual motors rescuing a semi truck stuck in snow — according to Kyle this didn’t look very hard for the vehicle at all (We don’t recommend trying this, you’re solely responsible for your vehicle’s warranty and safety).

No real surface is perfect, but it did pull about 250,000 lbs of muck rail cars out of a tunnel – Elon Musk

The last video is a test of Tesla Model X’s strength and durability — EV community’s beloved Bjørn Nyland puts a Model X P90D (90 kWh battery pack with dual motors) in Ludicrous mode pulling a 95,000 lbs semi truck o snow.

This Model X is equipped with snow tires as compared to the previous video above where the Model X pulled the semi trailer with all season tires while the semi truck also struggled in the heroic effort — here the semi truck is in neutral gear standing still. According to Bjorn

I know that this is not the first time a Model X pulls a semi. But in that other video, it was done with the help of the semi as well. And the Model X had poor all season tires not fit for snow and ice. I wanted to see if it was possible to pull a semi trailer despite having slippery surface like ice and snow.

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