Tesla Model 3 hypermiling record of 606 miles

Tesla Model 3 sets a new hypermiling record of 606.2 miles (~975 km)

May 28, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Watching Erik Strait and Sean Mitchell from time to time and taking part in the interesting live chat beneath the Tesla Model 3 hypermiling attempt live videos on the weekend was fun and interesting. These two Tesla enthusiasts took a journey on a 1-mile long track to achieve the stunning 606.2 miles (~975 km) record on a single charge for any EV yet.

Hypermiling is the art of cranking maximum miles out of a single charge/full tank on a vehicle—Erik and Sean just guessed the correct measures to aim for a 600 mile Tesla Model 3 hypermiling record and they just beat that by a bit.

On a hot summer day in Denver Colorado the temperature inside the Model 3 cabin maxed to even 108 ° F (42 ° C ) because air-conditioning needs to be turned off in a hypermiling attempt to save battery life.

25 mph (40 km/h) was the ideal speed of the vehicle to achieve the 600+ hypermiling record to beat the previous record of 560 miles (~900 km) set by Steven Peeters last year on a Tesla Model S 100D.

You can watch a set of four 8 hour videos of this attempt but a lot of hours these two guys just lost the stamina to talk and swapped driving roles to get rest and naps however chats and Q & A sessions were interesting.

Almost continuously driving for 32 hours Sean and Erik took minimal stops for bathroom breaks and even used a fishing net to catch food and beverages thrown by their friend David while driving. Even Elon Musk appreciated the attempt and tweeted about it on the weekend.

The thing to remember here is that a hypermiling record is not representative of an EV real-world range as these hypermiling attempts are well planned in advance with a chosen track and optimal speeds with AC turned-off and min number of passengers and the weight inside the vehicle. But still, the latest record of 606.2 miles is an impressive achievement by an electric vehicle and helps to minimize the range anxiety disorder.

However, all EV and Tesla vehicle owners should be aware that taking your car to fully drain to zero can have consequences and it might not be able to receive charging unless getting professional help from the manufacturer or service center, as happened in this case (see below tweet).

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