Tesla Model 3 Auto Motorized Charge Port Flap

Tesla Model 3 has an auto open and close ‘Charge Port Flap’, see how it works

Aug 01, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Even after the Model 3 delivery party last month, the charge port functionality was still a mystery, however Tesla board-member and investor Steve Jurvetson took a step forward and solved it for all of us (video below).

Previously leaked photo and info of a release candidate suggested that the Model 3 charge port opens automatically but it was unclear if it closes automatically or not.

The motorized charge port opens automatically when you press the button on the charger connector and you can close the charge port from your Tesla mobile app after charging is complete. Model 3 charge port flap opens upward unlike Model S and X where the cover opens side-wise. The cover on the port is larger than Tesla Model S and X as well.

The charging indication light remains blue until the charger is connected and starts charging when it becomes green. Also Model 3 charging indicator is a small logo on the side rather than a circle of light surrounding the charge port on Model S and X.

Let’s look at the demonstration video by Steve Jurvetson below:

Steve Jurvetson also released a couple of high-res photos (below) of the new Tesla UMC (Universal Mobile Connector) and the charge port flap on his flickr account.

The new Tesla UMC shows 50 AMP of power on the label but Model 3 specifications suggest home charging rate for the Standard Version is 30 miles range per hour with a 240V outlet with a max of 32 AMP and the Long Range Battery Version gains 37 miles of range per hour on a 240V outlet utilizing a max of 40 AMP of power.

Looks like Model 3 will not be able to utilize the max power of the new Tesla UMC being loaded with smaller battery packs as compared to the S and X.

The long range version of the Model 3 is analyzed to have a 80 kWh battery pack by experts but Tesla has abandoned the ‘battery pack/kWh’ terminology and are now only mentioning ‘range’ to avoid confusion for the majority of people that are not technically savvy enough to understand ‘electrical engineering’.

Tesla Model 3 charge port flap, high-res photo
Tesla Model 3 charge port flap, high-res photo
New 2017 Tesla Universal Mobile Connector for charging your Tesla Vehicle
New 2017 Tesla Universal Mobile Connector for charging your Tesla Vehicle
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