467 Kuka Robots shipped to Model 3 factory ahead of production start in July – leaked photos

Apr 26, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

A shipment of Kuka robot army of 467 strong has been received at the Tesla Fremont factory ahead of planned Model 3 production start in July. A member at Southeast Traders forum claiming to be a Field Service Engineer for Kuka Robotics posted the inside photos (below) of the factory currently setting up production lines with the robots.

The original poster of the photos described that the engineers are going to spend next several weeks for setting up 467 robots and 21 KL slides. Slides are tracks designed to keep the robots planted and level to within .01 mm tolerance.

By looking at the leaked photos we can get an idea of the seriousness by Elon Musk and Tesla Motors in delivering the long awaited electric car for the masses “Tesla Model 3”. This amount of serious effort is required on the side of Tesla to achieve their planned target production of 5000,000 vehicles a year by end 2018.

As for Kuka Robots, they are the finest from Germany and hold the power to accelerate production to the maximum possible. Kuka robots using AI can be  taught different postures and moves instead of being programmed by the computer, we can see a demo in below video.

The Alien Dreadnought

Elon Musk has been mentioning an ‘Alien Dreadnought’ in Tesla factories (audio below). So what does and Alien Dreadnought mean? According to Elon Musk it’s machines working in factories instead of humans. At the launch of Tesla Model 3 it’s version 0.5 of the Alien Dreadnought, it’ll take a few years to upgrade to the full & final version of the Alien Dreadnought  which means no human involvement in production line. Humans will only upgrading machines and dealing with anomalies.

Let’s take a brief look at the robots working at Tesla factory in production line.

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