Elon Musk deletes Tesla and SpaceX official Facebook pages

Elon Musk deletes official Facebook pages for Tesla and SpaceX reacting to a Twitter challenge

Mar 24, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk who already disliked Facebook and did not have a personal account or official fan page on the social media platform — deleted the official pages for both of his companies yesterday in the wake of #DeleteFacebook campaign.

The #DeleteFacebook hashtag is a rising trend on Twitter since the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke out and shook the trust of Facebook users across the globe.

Yesterday when the Whatsapp founder Brian Acton tweeted ‘It’s time #deletefacebook‘ — Elon Musk replied with a clever sense of humor ‘What’s Facebook?‘ — off-course he knows what Facebook is but it was time. Elon Musk got a challenge to delete the SpaceX official page which had 2.6 million followers at the time — if he was the man.

Featured photo: Joe Skipper / Reuters

Elon Musk replied being surprised at the presence of a Facebook page for SpaceX — action was quick for which Elon Musk is famous for and while the Twitter followers eagerly waited the SpaceX page was gone.

A little while further another follower asked to take down the Tesla official Facebook page and Musk didn’t take much time to smash it either.

In this frenzy people urged him to delete the Instagram accounts as well — a social media sharing platform also owned by Facebook — but Elon Musk replied He wouldn’t at the moment in the following tweet;

In an attempt at making Elon Musk realize that he has axed more than 5 million active followers on social media — He replied ‘Product lives or dies own it’s own merits‘ and none of his companies ever endorsed influencers or bought social media advertisement.

On the other side of social media the founder and CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg shared his thoughts on his official account — accepting that they have made mistakes and they are taking all the measures to avoid this type of situation from ever happening again in the following update;

The future of Facebook isn’t doomed but surely they are going to have to face some big challenges keeping their number one spot in the social media realm.

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