Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update 17.22.46 release notes in full text

Tesla Autopilot 2.0 update 17.22.46 (silky smooth) release notes in full text

17.22.46 is the latest Autopilot 2.0 firmware update for the Hardware 2.0 Tesla Model S and Model X also known as the ‘silky smooth’ update after Elon Musk‘s famous tweet. This update includes major features described one by one in the release notes provided to vehicle owners upon successful update installation.

I thought it would be helpful for many Tesla owners and enthusiasts to read them in the text format on the web.

Every word was re-written based on the screen-shots provided by Tesla Model S owner James Hansbert which he posted on Tesla Subreddit but they were difficult to read as the pictures are very small and with reflections. But many thanks for James for doing this otherwise these latest notes are not available in better resolution on the web.

What's New in This Update

With this relese, we're continuing to improve your Model S/X experience with software fixes and ehancements

Autopark: Perpendicular Parking

To make it easier to park in a variety of situations, Model S/X can now also back up into perpendicular spaces using Autopark. Drive completely past the space at no more than 10 mph untill the P appears in the instrument panel. Then use the same Autopark functions as in parallel Autopark - starting, cancelling, pausing, resuming and so on.

Display Brightness

With Display Brightness, you can clearly see the touchscreen and instrument panel throughout the day and night. This feature adjusts screen brightness based on your Model S surroundings. It also learns from your preferences: if you adjust the brightness manually, Display Brightness uses your update to make future adjustments.

Dispaly Brightness is enabled by default. To disable, uncheck Auto-adjust in 'Controlls > Displays > BRIGHTNESS & MODES

Autopark: Parallel Parking

Model S/X can now parallel park on its own. To start Autopark, drive ahead of the available spot until you see the P on the instrument panel and then shift into reverse. The Autopark guide appears on the touchscreen along with the rear camera display. Once activated, Autopark begins to park yur vehicle by controlling steering and vehicle speed.

While Autoparking, always pay attention to your surroundings, especially pedestrians and your vehicle's relative position to the curb. Although Autopark monitors the vehicle's surroundings, always be ready to cancel Autopark if needed.

  • To cancel Autopark, take over steering or shifting, or press the Cancel button on the touchscreen.
  • To pause Autopark, press the brake pedal.

Note: Autopark is available when Model S/X is traveling under 15 mph and when the parking spot is defined by two vehicles and a curb.


you can now park and retrieve Model S/X from outside the vehicle. This is especially convenient for driving in and out of tight spaces and narrow garages.

Initiating Summon

To prepare to park your vehicle, align Model S within 39 feet of the final parking space and set it to Park. This allows Model S/X to move straight into the space in either Drive or Reverse. The do one of the following:

  • • Tesla mobile app: Stand within 10 feet of the vehicle and tap SUMMON in the Tesla mobile app. Then tap and hold FORWARD or REVERSE button at the bottom of the screen. Continous press is enabled by default. To use a single tap instead, choose CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Assistance, and then under AUTOPARK, tap CUSTOMIZE and disable REQUIRE CONTINOUS PRESS.
    Note: Requires Tesla mobile app updates iOs(v2.7.2 or later) and Android (v2.7.3 or later)
  • • Keyfob: Stand within 10 feet of the vehicle, and then press and hold the center button on your keyfob until the hazard lights flash continously. While the hazard lights are flashing, press the frunk button once on the keyfob to drive Model S/X forward in to the parking space. To back Model S/X into a parking space, press the trunk button once on the keyfob. Model S moves up to 39 feet or until the sensors detect an obstacle, at which point parking is considered complete and Autopark shifts the car to Park
  • • Gear selector: While stopped, double-press the Park button on the end of the gear stalk. A pop-up appears on the touchscreen. Choose the travel direction by tapping an arrow. To cancel Autopark, press the CANCEL button on the pop-up. To exit a parking spot remotely, repeat your Autopark method.
    Note: Before you can use Summon you must enable it. Tap CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Assistance > AUTOPARK and set SUMMON to ON.

Canceling Summon

To stop Model S/X while Summon is in process, do one of the following:

  • In the Tesla mobile app do one of the following:
    • If REQUIRE CONTINOUS PRESS is enabled, stop pressing FORWARD or REVERSE
    • If REQUIRE CONTINOUS PRESS is disbled, press STOP
  • Press any button on the keyfob ( for example, the center button)
  • Press any door handles or trunk latch


  • If you're parking in a garage and need to operate the garage door after activating Summon, use the HomeLink auto open/close feature: in CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Assistance > AUTOPARK and then under CUSTOMIZE enable "use Auto HomeLink."
  • Model S/X may not detect certain obstacles that are lower than the front bumper, hanging from the ceiling, or very narrow (for example bikes). Always monitor your surroundings and the vehicle's movements while Summon is in progresss and be prepared to stop the vehicle at any time using your keyfob.
  • Only use Summon on flat driveways that are on private residential property where you're familiar with the surrounding area.

Customizing Summon

To specify how Summon operates: choose CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Assistance > AUTOPARK and CUSTOMIZE

  • BUMPER CLEARANCE: Specify how close Model S/X gets to obstacles directly in front of or behind the vehicle when moving into parking space
  • SIDE CLEARANCE: Allow the vehicle to enter and exit very narrow parking spaces.
  • SUMMON DISTANCE: Specify the distance the vehicle travels when backing out of a parking space.
  • USE HOMELINK: Select the garage door that Summon should operate when there's a multi door garage.

Automatic Emergency Braking

Automatic Emergency Braking, a new Collision Avoidance Assist feature is designed to automatically engage the brakes to reduce the impact of unavoidable frontal collision with another vehicle. The brakes disengage when you press hard on the accelerator pedal, release the brake pedal or sharply turn the steering wheel.

Automatic Emergency Braking is enabled by default. You can temporarily disable it by tapping CONTROLS > Settings > Driver Assistance > COLLISION AVOIDANCE ASSIST, and then disableing the AUTOMATICE EMERGENCY BRAKING setting. The feature is re-enabled on your next drive

Side Collision Warning Enhancements

We've upgraded Model S active safety capabilities by enhancing Side Collision Warning in addition to warning you when it detects and object close to it's side. Model S/X now steers away from the object if a collision is likely.

Note: This enhancement is available when Model S/X is traveling between 30 mph to 85 mph.

Auto High Beam

We've added a new setting, Auto High Beam that makes using high beam headlights more convenient by automatically switching to low beams to avoid shining too much light at other drivers. When you enable this setting and turn your hight beam on, Model S/X temporarily switches to low beam headlights if traffic is detected in front of the vehicle

To enable Auto High Beam tap CONTROLS > LIGHTS > AUTO HIGH BEAM on the touchscreen. Turn our high beams on as usual by pushing the turn indicator stalk away from you. The blue headlight indicator in the instrument panel displays a small A when hight beams are on. The indicator turns gray when high beams are dimmed in response to surrounding light.

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