New batch of invites sent to Canadian Tesla Model 3 reservation holders

Last chance for Ontarians to reclaim the $14,000 CAD rebate on canceled Model 3 orders

There is great news for Ontario based Tesla customers who canceled their Model 3 orders due to the policy shift by the Government to remove the Electric Vehicle Incentive for Tesla customer.

Earlier in April this year, we reported on how Ontarians can get the lavish $14,000 CAD rebate for their Model 3 purchase — but due to a policy shift later in August, the Govt. of Ontario somehow discriminated against Tesla customers by not offering them the grace period for getting the incentive (EHVIP).

Luckily the Ontario Court deemed the Ontario Government’s actions as illegal and now Model 3 Long-Range Rear-Wheel-Drive (LR-RWD) customers who canceled their orders after July 11 can reorder their Model 3 (now a Mid-Range variant) by the end of November to get their cars delivered before Jan 03, 2019.

Tesla has sent a detailed email to their customers in Ontario, Canada on how to get the incentive and what further steps to take in order to get the full benefit of the incentive program (full transcript of the email below).

This official Tesla email was shared by Model 3 Owners Club on their Twitter profile since it was a screenshot image, we re-typed the whole long email for ease of reading and use of information:

Full Details on Ontario Model 3 rebate reclaim:

Hi there,

Our records show that you canceled your order for a Long-Range, Rear Wheel Drive (LR-RWD) Model 3 after the Ontario Government ended the Electric Vehicle Incentive Program (EHVIP) on July 11. We're happy to share that, after taking legal action on behalf of our customers, Tesla has reached an agreement with the Government to allow you to reorder an LR-RWD Model 3, and claim the EHVIP rebate($14,000 CAD) if you place your order and take delivery promptly.


In August, Tesla sued the Ontario Government for discriminating against Tesla's customers in the way that it ended the EHVIP. Under the Government's plan, customers of all manufacturers, other than Tesla, could claim the rebate on existing orders if they take delivery by September 10. But Tesa's customers got no grace period at all.

In August, the Ontario Court ruled that the Government's plan was illegal, which forced the Government to extend the EHVIP grace period to Tesla's customers. Unfortunately, that didn't help customers who canceled their orders or could not take delivery by September 10.

We didn't think this was fair, so we urged the Government to extend the delivery deadline, and the Government has now agreed. This means that customers who canceled their LR-RWD Model 3 orders after July 11 have another chance to claim the EHVIP rebate, so long as they reorder and take delivery by January 3, 2019. We are expecting this to be a very busy time of year and strongly suggest that you place your order and take delivery as soon as you can to avoid delays that can result in rescheduling and potentially losing out on the incentive.

Next Steps

Eligible customers may reorder their LR-RWD Model 3 in our Design Studio, here. To ensure accurate processing, please follow these special instructions:

  1. Please order a Mid-Range-RWD Model 3 (as LR-RWD is no longer available in the configurator) using the same name and email address that you used for your original order. Your order will be fulfilled with an LR-RWD vehicle.
  2. Once you have ordered, you must reply to this email confirming you intend to claim the rebate and providing the reservation number (RN) of your new order.
  3. Orders will be fulfilled from our limited inventory of new LR-RWD Model 3, on a first-come, first-served basis. If your preferred configuration is not available, we will work with you to find another qualifying LR-RWD Model 3.

For the best chance of taking delivery by the deadline, customers should reorder as soon as possible, a no later than November 30. We will make every effort to deliver eligible cars by the deadline and strongly suggest that you schedule your delivery as early as possible in case of unexpected delays.

For more details regarding the EHVIP program, or to your eligibility, please contact the Ministry of Transportation. Please note that customers are responsible for applying for their own rebates and complying with EHVIP terms.

We are excited to share this win for our customers, and look forward to welcoming you to the Tesla family very soon! I know this is a lot of information, so please contact me if you have any questions.

As soon as you place an order or need information, contact me directly on the number below.

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