2017 Ford GT

2017 Ford GT – A Sensation And A Future Investment

1st, 2nd, 3rd all three positions occupied by the legendary Ford GT40 at the Le Mans 24 hr endurance race in 1966. The 2017 Ford GT pays homage to this great win. The stunningly beautiful, technologically advanced, hand made carbon fiber chassis supercar is a showstopper.

Only 1000 cars will be produced over a period of four years which makes it 250 each year and half of that production is going to stay in the U.S and 125 vehicles will ship overseas. Ford is only interested in giving these vehicles to their most eligible customers who will be true brand ambassadors for their brand. Ford says they will give the car to people who will actually drive the car and benefit the rest of their vehicle lineup.

2017 Ford GT Top View
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Unveiled at the 2015 Detroit Auto Show this car came as a surprise due to being sort of a secret project. Many people inside Ford didn’t know about the development of the next GT. A special studio was built in the basement of Ford’s design facility where only select few people designed and developed the new Ford GT.

This 50th-anniversary tribute to the 1966 win of the original GT40 legends has the signature round tail-lights with improved graphics and depth. The hollow space inside the taillamps intelligently works as intercooler and transmission vent. The full LED headlamps are totally re-done inside and out to match the current era.

2017 Ford GT Design
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2017 Ford GT Interior
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2017 Ford GT Rear View
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Ford GT chassis and driver cabin is hand-made with Carbon Fiber that reduces weight and improves strength by adding aluminium sub frames. Ford says the teardrop design of the car creates smooth airflow around the vehicle that minimizes aerodynamic drag.

At last they got rid of those doors which had half of the roof attached to them and made it a pain entering and leaving the vehicle at least in parking spaces in the previous generation Ford GT. The 2017 Ford GT’s twin exhaust tips are round shaped in the center of the tail just under the rear spoiler and this gives it a dashing look in my opinion.

2017 Ford GT Gullwing Doors
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2017 Ford GT Taillamps and Exhaust
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Track or not the 2017 Ford GT is made to perform and outclass the competition. With a 3.5 L Twin Turbocharged Intercooled V6 Engine with  EcoBoost® producing 600+ hp is born to perform and endure. EcoBoost®  technology delivers both fuel efficiency and horsepower Ford says this is a win-win situation. The 2017 Ford GT is ready to go to Le Mans and probably carry on the legacy of the Godfather of endurance racing, The GT40.

2017 Ford GT Ready For Le Mans
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2017 Ford GT Active Spoiler
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2017 Ford GT Brembo Brakes
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Active aerodynamic system automatically opens up the rear spoiler when there is a need of  more down force on higher speeds. The 2017 Ford GT comes equipped with top-notch carbon-ceramic disc Brembo™ brakes.  The use of Corning Gorilla Glass for all windows reduces weight by 7 lbs (3.175 KG) which adds to the already astounding power to weight ratio of the car. Ford claims that this GT has the best in class power to weight ratio.

In the short documentary above top people from Ford explain how they achieved this phenomenal sports machine from concept to completion. Big dreams do have a power and they realize with hard work and consistency, one example is the 2017 Ford GT.

After successful experimentation of carbon fiber on this  GT we can expect that to go down the lineup such as Ford Fusion and Mustang in near future.

Ford GT A Financial Investment

This should not be a surprise to many as we have witnessed that Ford GTs have been a great financial decision for many. An example is the previous gen Ford GT on launch was priced at  $149,995 and over the years the price for this rarity has climbed to around $400,000. So bearing this in mind a 2017 GT starting at $450,000 would easily climb up the $1 million ladder through the years. Today Ford GT’s competitors like LaFerrari ( $1.34 mil ), McLaren P1 ( $1.14 mil ) and the Porsche 911 Spyder ( $845,000 ) cost this much to enjoy the superb track and drifting ability.

How To Get Your 2017 Ford GT?

In the 21st century manufacturers from Tesla to Ford are making the application process direct on their websites. Now you have to convince Ford why you deserve this car and how loyal you have been with Ford GTs and other of their performance vehicles in the past. As previously said Ford Motor Company will prefer giving the GTs to people who will actually drive them and in-turn be a word of mouth marketing entities for them.

Unfortunately the application process on Ford’s website is closed at the moment and rumor has it that they will start accepting applications again once they have rolled out first year of production. So there might be a chance for you to get the car if you focus on improving your application and giving them more reasons to ship the car for you. You have solid grounds to get it if you’re a celebrity.

In the meanwhile you can Register Here to receive updates if the application process anytime. Try it out and you might get lucky with the next Ford GT.

2017 Ford GT Configuration App
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Gallery: Available Colors & Customizations

Several colors, interior and wheel options are available at the Ford GT’s website. You can configure your own Ford GT online and place the order for the car. There are also 2 66 Heritage Edition Ford GTs available with Shadow Black and Matte Black colors with dual stripes in the middle.

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Written by: Iqtidar Ali
Images: Ford

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