Honda e Prototype Interor - screen and side-mirror camera display.

Honda e: battery pack, range — interior and exterior photos

Yes, ‘Honda e’ is currently a prototype but the Japanese automaker has recently revealed some important information about their first all-electric car that will carry on to the production version — its range, platform, battery pack size and charging capabilities.

Honda successfully transitioned from a concept electric car they called the ‘Honda Urban EV’ to the more practical and ready for production Honda e and the company did it in less than two years, this impressive comparing with other giant automakers still throwing 2022 – 2025 dates in the electric vehicle market.

Honda aims to take the Honda e Prototype to production by next year and is currently taking reservations from the European and UK customers since last month, probably Honda finally decided to take this EV to production after an overall positive response from car enthusiasts and journalists at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

Before the Geneva Motor Show this year, the interior of the Honda e Prototype was almost a mystery, but it can now be seen clearly in the following photos and video. The interior, as well as the exterior, are a combination of retro and modern simplistic design, the Honda designers have actually nailed it.

Talking to Fully Charged earlier this year Kohei Hitomi, Project Leader of the Honda e Prototype revealed that the working prototype of the car was already made prior to presenting the Honda Urban EV concept design to the public — Honda did this the other way around this time, prototype first, a concept later, interesting!

Battery Pack, Range, Charging

According to the latest information and the following infographic released by Honda, the Honda e is equipped with a 35.5 kWh battery pack which is liquid cooled which can delivery 125 miles (~200 km) of range, but the range estimation is based on the WLTP testing cycle which is a bit optimistic when it comes to numbers, so real-world range will vary between 115 – 120 miles.

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Honda e Prototype Platform: chassis, battery pack, charging and drivetrain.
Honda e Prototype Platform: chassis, battery pack, charging and drivetrain. Source: Honda UK

The limited range of the small 5-door Honda e is good for the daily city commute, this is why Honda is marketing this car as an ‘urban’ car, long distance adventures are not a thing for the Honda e.

However, the ample presence of the CCS2 charging network in Europe will facilitate the Honda e’s worry-free movement within large cities, according to Honda the battery pack can be charged to 80% in 30 mins with a DC fast charger like Ionity, etc.

Like most other electric cars the Honda e has an optimal low center of gravity providing better handling and safety for the occupants, as we can see in the above infographic, the Rear-Wheel Drive (RWD) Honda e also has a 50:50 weight distribution further enhancing the stability of the car.

Photo Gallery – Honda e Prototype Exterior & Interior

Click/Tap photos to load HD versions. Photo credits: @artsetelegance via @Bloowheels / Twitter

Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

For a small car, Honda has come up with an elegant design considering the electric vehicle universe where Tesla has pioneered the inclusion of giant center touchscreens, Honda e also comes with a large center touchscreen extending from the driver’s side to the passenger’s.

The two small screens on either side of the dashboard/center screen are for the side-mirror displays, the prototype still has cameras instead of the side mirrors which might be stripped off due to regulatory approvals in certain countries, since Honda has not yet hinted the variants for Honda e, this might be a premium option in select markets where regulators allow cameras instead of mirrors.

The wooden dashboard gives a classy effect to the interior of the Honda e and Honda is not yet ready to sell this EV for cheap, the announcement of the pricing for the car is expected in a few months but if it is set close to the Tesla Model 3‘s price, what will be the EV/car enthusiast’s choice? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Video: Honda e Prototype review by Fully Charged

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