Guide To Fix Civic Touring Subwoofer Rattle Issue

Fixing The 10th Gen Civic Touring Subwoofer Rattle Issue

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The 10th Gen Civic Touring sub-woofer rattle issue has been lingering around for some time now and many customers are complaining about it. The bad part is that many Honda dealers seem to be unable or unwilling to fix the issue. According to some customers, Honda and its dealers are saying the issue is with the type of music and high volume that’s causing the issue. But some car owners have uploaded videos showing moderate volume/bass levels and still, the rattling sound is coming from the rear. In the video below an owner shows his beautiful Aegean Blue Civic Touring having the issue.

As you can see from the comments on the above video, this is not an issue with a select few customers, it’s a widespread disease for the Touring Trim. You can also check this thread on to know how many owners are struck by this issue. (Scroll Down For Solutions)

Youtube Comments On Civic Subwoofer Rattle Issue

The Solutions

Let’s talk about how you can deal with this issue? The first and foremost would be to take the car to the dealer and ask them to fix this issue. There are good dealers out there as well and I’ve heard some dealers are able to fix the subwoofer rattle. If the dealer is unable to fix the issue you can follow the following solutions step by step to fix this irritating rattle sound. However, you should bear full responsibility for any damage caused by the operation. If not confidence gets the help of a technical person to avoid any damages or mishandling.

#1  – Easier Method – Using Neoprene Foam & Dynamat Sound Deadener

This method should be the easiest and safest for the common man to implement. You can buy the Dynamat Self-Adhesive Sound Deadener from Amazon for the project and the Neoprene Foam is available at eBay (Click Here).

Tools Needed For This Solution:
  • Scissors to cut the foam
  • Utility knife to cut the dynamat
  • Putty knife
  • Philips screwdriver for license plate

Step 01: First you need to insert the neoprene foam around the empty space under the rear brake-light/high mount stop-lamp (see picture below). This padding solves the issue to much extent but he problem with this method is the foam will compress with time and lose it’s place which makes this method a temporary solution.

10th Civic - Insert neoprene form around 3rd brake light

Step 02: Stuff the foam around the empty areas of the rear sub-woofer cut-outs and seatbelt mechanism. Taking out the rear deck is not a simple task so all this you’ll have to do from underneath.

Insert foam around subwoofer cutouts

Stuff foam in empty spaces around rear seatbelt mechanism

Step 03: With the help of putty knife insert pieces of foam between the rear-window glass and the deck & press it a bit untill it’s about invisible (see pictures below).

Insert neoprene foam between rear window glass and deck

With putty knife press foam untill invisible

Step 04: Now is the time to paste Dynamat adhesive sound deadener for some serious dampening under the trunk lid. Remove the cover of the trunk lid and put dynamat as show in the picture below.

Paste some dynamat for sound dampening

Also dampen the sides of the rear-deck with dynamat sound deadener (shown below).

Use sound dampener in sides of rear deck

Look at the finished work in the below picture after pasting the sound dampener adhesive under the rear deck area.

Under rear deck after full dynamat application

#2 – Easiest Method – Using 1/2″ Adhesive Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumpers

This is probably the easiest workaround to improve the civic’s rattle issue. You can also use this in conjunction with the above method to get an overall improvement. Because the foam method can decay with time, this solution can be a bit sustainable as well. As you can see the picture of the adhesive bumpers they are shaped like balls and with a 30 scale on durometer hardness they can easily be fitted between the 3rd brake light/high mount stop-lamp. you can buy the product at Amazon by clicking here.

Isolate-IT Sorbothane Hemisphere Rubber Bumpers

You can use 4 of these rubber bumpers placed between the rear glass and deck. Use the putty knife to push one on each bottom corner and one on each top corners of the brake light, you will have to press the deck a bit to create enough space for the rubber bumpers to slide-in. After releasing the pressure on the deck, the balls should be squeezed enough to gently withdraw the putty knife.  (See pictures below for reference)

Insert 1/2" rubber bumpers between brake light and glass

View from inside after nserting rubber bumpers between brake light and glass

In the below picture you can see how they look from the outside after successful application.

View from outside after nserting rubber bumpers between brake light and glass

You can also check the following demonstration video after the application, how the subwoofer rattle is gone.

#3 – Advanced Method – Removing Rear Deck And Applying Sorbothane

The following video shows an in detail solution for getting rid of the civic touring subwoofer rattle issue. In this method the owner removes the rear deck and applies High Desnity Sponge Rubber Tape. Take a look at the video and enjoy solving the rattling issue.

Disclaimer: X-Auto or persons involved in providing the above solutions will not be responsible for any damage caused by using the content on this page. If you do not feel confident handling the methods above please get expert technical assistance.

Also if you have these issues, PLEASE call American Honda @ 1 (800) 999-1009 extension 117740. Let them know even if you have to leave a voicemail.

Written  & Compiled by: Iqtidar Ali
Credits: Many Thanks to Hondo @ for permission of publishing his photos/solutions.

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