Tesla Model 3 1/4 mile Drag Race

A potential drag race queen, Tesla Model 3 breaks her previous quarter-mile record

May 03, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla Model 3 is following in the footsteps of her elder sisters Model S and X and is getting noticed by folks at drag race circuits.

JR Garage/YouTube took their Tesla Model 3 to the Cecil County Dragway in Maryland to test the quarter-mile performance of their new electric sedan — what they found next was a new Model 3 1/4 world record.

Previously a Motor Trend test found that Model 3 is able to finish the 1/4 mile stretch in 13.4 sec @ 104.9 mph — this new attempt by JR Garage breaks the record by a slight difference i.e. in 13.330 sec @ 104.07 mph — doesn’t seem to be much of a difference but in a quarter mile drag it is significant.

The thing to remember is that the currently available Model 3 is not a performance version not even a Dual-Motor (All-Wheel Drive) variant that is expected to come into production later this year.

With a Dual Motor/Performance version Tesla Model 3 these figures will significantly improve, however at the current configuration Model 3 is able to give tough time to the V8 powered dragsters in another video below.

Tesla Model S P100D is notorious for taming the street racing monsters and creating an ‘Awww’ expression on the faces of ICE racing enthusiasts, just like in a recent duel where Model S challenged the 840 hp Dodge Challenger Demon with a racing ‘Crate’ package.

Electric Cars clearly have an edge in quarter-mile drags due to their instant delivery of torque and acceleration as compared to Internal Combustion Engines which take some time to come in to their full-throttle mode.

Following video shows Tesla Model 3 smoking some V8 car which looks like a Nissan Skyline to me but the video does not clearly mention the other racing car.

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