Tesla Model 3 in freezing cold weather

Tesla Model 3 2018.44.2 update brings cold weather and security improvements

As cold weather intensity increases in the Northern hemisphere, the need for adjustments to some Model 3 functions became necessary.

Tesla has recently released two over-the-air updates 2018.44.1 and 2018.44.2 in an attempt to resolve extreme winter issues for Model 3 owners (full release notes below).

Summon (Beta)

With this release, Model 3 can be summoned in and out of narrow parking spaces using the mobile app. To enable this feature, tap Controla > Autopilot > Summon. To learn how to initiate, cancel, and customize Summon, refer to the Owner’s Manual.


You can focus air from the vents onto one area, or pinch to split airflow. The 3D visualization of the dashboard has been tuned to more clearly display airflow in the center region. To allow for more precision, you can now drag the air to the desired area instaed of tapping.

Cold Weather Improvements

Window position and charge connector locking behaviors have been optimized for cold weather.

Mobile Access

For additional security, your Tesla username and password will be required when disabling mobile access. To adjust the car’s mobile access setting, go to Controls > Safety & Security > Allow Mobile Access

Due to extremely cold temperatures especially in Canada, some Model 3 owners were complaining that their windows and door handles had jammed and wouldn’t open even with much effort, Tesla took the customer feedback seriously and pushed the latest software update (2018.44.2).

On the Tesla subreddit, u/lambaus posted the following video after installing the latest update with cold weather improvements to show us how the windows are now functioning when you approach your car:

After the latest over-the-air software update (2018.44.2), when the driver sits inside the Model 3 and closes the doors/windows there remains a small gap between the rubber seals and glass in order to avoid a sticking/jam of the two objects due to extremely cold temperatures.

In a Tesla subreddit thread, u/lambaus experimented with the Charge Connector functionality and reported the following:

New default state for charge port is unlocked, this means that if charging has stopped the port is unlocked and you can just pull directly on the connector without needing to push the button.

This raises the question that if charging is complete and there is no need to press the button to release the charge port connector, can anyone pull out the connector and if the car is charging at a public charger other than the Supercharger station using an adapter, there is a significant risk of the adapter to be stolen.

The new Mobile Access disabling mechanism is a good addition to the security of Tesla vehicles as theft of these luxury electric vehicles is on a rise where thieves are using high-tech gadgets to commit the felony.

Featured Photo by: Mad Hungarian (@IanPavelko)

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