Tesla 2018 promo packed with mysteries

Tesla’s latest promo video is packed with mysteries – Model 3 performance version, Roadster, more

May 10, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla and Elon Musk never feel the need for traditional advertising as they are very good at creating great promo videos, referral marketing and using the power of social media for the impact.

Last night Tesla released another great promotional video named ‘Tesla 2018’ which summarizes their plans for the year and also presents some mysteries that are going to be discussed a lot in the coming days/weeks.

Wheel with 'Proto 1' tag with red Tesla brake calipers
Wheel with 'Proto 1' tag with red Tesla brake calipers

The video starts with a wheel with ‘Proto 1’ paper tag with red Tesla brake calipers and it starts to spin ‘fastt’ — ‘Proto 1’ obviously refers to Prototype #1 which could be the Model Y or the Dual Motor Model 3 performance version.

Elon Musk also said earlier this year that Model Y production plans will be unveiled in 3-6 months, so it seems the right time to tease the Model Y prototype.

This speculation further strengthens when we see a half covered vehicle in the video that most probably is the Tesla Model Y (see below screenshot). You can place your guess in the comments section below.

Half covered vehicle in Tesla 2018 video, probably Model Y
Half covered vehicle in Tesla 2018 video, probably Model Y

Elon Musk tweeted the video yesterday saying “Tesla quarterly all-hands video”, that means the less than 2 mins of the video caters all of the Tesla’s product line. Below is the ‘Tesla 2018’ full video;

Matte Black Performance Model 3

Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 in Tesla 2018 video
Matte Gray Tesla Model 3 in Tesla 2018 video

Tesla plans to bring the dual motor version of the Model 3 when they have reached the weekly production capacity of 5,000 cars or more — the Model 3 in the video shown might just be the dual motor performance version in Matte Gray or Matte Black.

I have tried to adjust brightness and levels in Photoshop but this looks to me more towards Matte Gray. Matte Black Tesla Model 3 has not been seen except in a couple of rare factory photos from the early prototype days but Tesla might bring this color with the performance variant.

Also looking at the width of the tires in above photo/video it surely is a performance version Model 3, the aero wheels on the performance version will give it a better drag coefficient, so they make perfect sense here. Also if you look at the video closely the Model 3 shown has Tesla’s signature red performance brake calipers.

Next Gen Tesla Roadster’s Spaceship Cabin

Next Gen Roadster Interior - Spaceship Cockpit
Next Gen Roadster Interior - Spaceship Cockpit

The famous tweet of Elon Musk about Model 3 steering controls and system that ‘It feels like a spaceship’ apply more to the Next Generation Tesla Roadster by looking at the picture above.

This design by team Tesla is genuinely simplistic and futuristic at the same time, groundbreaking to say the least. This spaceship feeling inside of an electric super car will be far more affordable than the competition with an expected price tag of $200,000.

This promo video comes in a difficult time when Tesla has announced a record $700 million+ loss in Q1, 2018 due to delays in Model 3 production. I think the video is a short answer to all the hate and criticism surrounding Tesla these days that whatever happens they are still willing to fight and rise as the winners.

Elon Musk stated previously, Tesla should become profitable in Q3, Q4 — hopefully this becomes a reality and we progress towards a sustainable future enjoying our shiny new Teslas.

Iqtidar Ali
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Iqtidar Ali is a long time web developer and now writing for his childhood passion 'cars' further boosted by the advent of electric vehicles especially Tesla.

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