Tesla Fremont car factory's parking lot area full of Tesla Model Y compact SUVs.

First Tesla Model Y deliveries are starting on Friday tomorrow

Tesla has scheduled the first Tesla Model Y delivery dates as soon as Friday tomorrow — this is at least 2 days earlier than what previously reported and expected delivery date of coming Sunday. We reported earlier this month that the shipment of the produced Tesla Model Y units to the delivery centers across the country had already started, now is the time to hand them over to the enthusiastic owners at last.

According to a Tesla Model Y community tracker which has data from more than 1,000 Model Y owners shows that at least three owners have their vehicle hand-over day scheduled for tomorrow, some owners from Facebook groups have also reported that they are getting their Model Y tomorrow, all of these are the top of the line ‘Performance’ variants.

One Model Y owner posted on Facebook with joy:

Just scheduled my delivery for 10am this Friday! It’s happening. And earlier than 15th!

Another owner shared his Tesla account screenshot where an appointment scheduler is showing 13th, 14th & 15th March as the available window for his Tesla Model Y delivery:

Tesla Model Y delivery appointment schedule in the Tesla Account.
Tesla Model Y delivery appointment schedule in the Tesla Account.
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Meanwhile several Semi trailers have been seen leaving the Tesla Fremont car factory loaded with Tesla Model Y and Model 3 cars for the delivery rush that is expected to go intense through the rest of this month as the 1st financial quarter of 2020 ends, adding Model Y sales figures to Q1′ 2020 financial results will be a good start of the year for the Silicon Valley-based automaker.

Featured Photo Story:

John from Tesla Owners Online discussion forum posted the featured photo you can see above in a Model Y deliveries thread, he took it while visiting the Tesla Fremont factory, here’s the background story of the photo in his own words:

Was in the neighborhood and swung by the factory today. Saw mostly Model 3s being loaded, but also some Model Ys, including at least two white ones.

Then I went around next door to peak in the rear corner of the lot away from the freeway. The entire rear corner was all Model Y. Workers were prepping them.

Another Tesla enthusiast visited the Tesla Fremont factory and found out the Model Y and Mercedes Benz GLC 300 midsize SUV parked close-together and seized the opportunity to capture a visual comparison video, we improvised on this and created a Tesla Model Y vs. Mercedes GLC 300 interior and exterior dimensions comparison.

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