Tesla Model 3 United States orders to be delivered in December 2018

Tesla aims to deliver all Model 3 United States orders till 31st December

Tesla Inc. is setting a tough goal for itself as they are offering delivery in December for every order placed from the United States through Tesla Design Studio. This change is reflected after Elon Musk’s announcement on Twitter that:

Tesla just acquired trucking capacity to ensure Model 3 can be delivered in US by Dec 31 if ordered by Nov 30

If you are placing the order from within the United States the delivery timeline in the Tesla Design Studio simply mentions ‘December Delivery’ instead of the number of weeks or months.

If you change your location from the United States to Canada, the delivery timeline changes to 6-10 weeks (see screenshots below).

Above: Tesla Design Studio screenshots for the United States and Canada showing delivery time estimates. Click/Tap for high-res images.

Tesla is rushing the United States deliveries for their customers to be able to get the full federal tax credit of $7,500 as it will be cut to half i.e. $3,750 starting January 2019.

Previously Tesla also strategically rushed Canadian Model 3 deliveries for them to enjoy the full benefit of the CAD $14,000 tax holiday on purchasing an EV before the Ontario general elections, 2018.

After surviving the Tesla Model 3 production hell, the Silicon-Valley based automaker was suffering from delivery logistics hell and it seems that the company has also been able to figure out the delivery logistics issue to a major extent by acquiring trucking companies and securing contracts with major shipping companies.

Elon Musk admits that by not addressing the delivery logistics issue last quarter Tesla did get into trouble, although Q3, 2018 was the best ever quarter for the car manufacturer from both the number of deliveries and profitability point-of-view.

Tesla Inc.’s new strategy for vehicle delivery is clear via Elon Musk’s above tweet where the company is now just going to use trucks and skip cargo rails totally — this process enables Tesla with a single load, direct delivery to a Tesla Store or customer location and single off-loading of the vehicle, eliminating unnecessary steps in the supply chain.

Tesla owners with certain zip-codes in the United States are also able to get the direct delivery of their vehicle to their home, each customer is able to select this option at the time of placing the order for their next Tesla EV.

Q3, 2018 was the record high for Tesla production and deliveries as they reported in the Q3, 2018 financial results to the investors — Tesla produced 53,239 Model 3s in the last quarter alone.

After the Q3, 2018 results Tesla took an even aggressive approach and started registering the highest ever number of Model 3 VINs last month — according to Bloomberg’s online Model 3 production tracker, Tesla has consistently been able to produce ~4,500 Model 3s a week for several weeks now, as of today a total of 128,289 Tesla Model 3 electric vehicles are produced (see graph below).

Bloomberg's Tesla Model 3 production tracker as of 20 Nov 2018.

Above: Bloomberg’s Tesla Model 3 production tracker as of 20 Nov 2018. Click/Tap for the high-res image.

Another Model 3 production indicator is put together by @Model3VINs that shows Tesla has registered at least 63,299 (production graphs below) Model 3 VINs in Q4, 2018 to date. This is more than the total number of vehicles that Tesla produced in Q3 of 2018 which seems a pretty aggressive production statistic for Tesla.

So potential customers of the Tesla Model 3 should hurry up and pull the trigger on at least the Mid-Range Tesla Model 3 that will cost around $35,000 if you’re able to get the full Federal EV Tax Credit.

Model 3 Production graphs with the help of VIN registration data by NHTSA. Go to Model3VINs.com for updated graphs.

Above: Model 3 Production graphs with the help of VIN registration data by NHTSA. Go to Model3VINs.com for updated graphs. Click/Tap for the high-res image.

Q1, 2019 is about to begin Elon Musk stated the strategy for delivering Model 3 to China and Europe as:

Will also be using dedicated roll-on, roll-off fast ships for transporting cars to Europe & Asia in Q1. Major focus on minimizing time from factory to new owner. Did not fully appreciate the working capital impact until recently. (source: Elon Musk/Twitter)

Tesla has already started displaying Model 3 in Europe and China in anticipation of the expansion that Tesla expects. Tesla’s Chinese Gigafactory will be able to produce 500,000 electric vehicles per year to meet the global demand of their cars.

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