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Tesla Model 3 VIN registration hits a new high – 11.9k in two days

Oct 15, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla Model 3 VIN registration hits a new record as 11,903 new VINs were registered on the 2nd weekend of Q4 2018. The production speed at the Tesla Factory at Fremont seems to have taken a serious spike after a record Q3 production and delivery by the Silicon Valley electric car manufacturer.

Adding this weekend’s VIN registration numbers and adding them to the already registered 18,575 since the start of October gives us a new record number of 30,478 new Model 3 VIN registrations.

An estimated 52% of the latest 9,426 Model 3 VIN registrations are ‘Dual Motor‘  — we can assume that at least half of these Dual Motor Model 3 would be the Performance versions, which is a good indicator towards Tesla’s path towards profitability in Q4, 2018.

Tesla has just finished their strongest ever quarter for production and deliveries as Tesla delivered 53,239 Model 3 vehicles alone — Model S and Model X deliveries took the Q3 production total to 83,500 which is almost double the production of Q2 2018.

Tesla released the number of production and deliveries in the Q3 2018 Investor Relations report:

• 53,239 Model 3 vehicles, which was in line with our guidance and almost double the volume of Q2. During Q3, we transitioned Model 3 production from entirely rear wheel drive at the beginning of the quarter to almost entirely dual motor during the last few weeks of the quarter. This added significant complexity, but we successfully executed this transition and ultimately produced more dual motor than rear wheel drive cars in Q3. In the last week of the quarter, we produced over 5,300 Model 3 vehicles, almost all of which were dual motor, meaning that we achieved a production rate of more than 10,000 drive units per week.

• 26,903 Model S and X vehicles, which was slightly higher than Q2 and in line with our full-year guidance.

Additionally Bloomberg’s Model 3 production tracker shows that the total number of Tesla Model 3s produced to date has crossed the 100,000 milestone (101,067 as of Oct 14, 2018, see graph below).

Bloomberg Model 3 Production Graph - Start of the 'S Curve'
Bloomberg Model 3 Production Graph - Start of the 'S Curve'

Model 3 production and delivery graph is now taking the shape of he ‘S Curve’ as previously stated by Elon Musk — this is a great achievement by a company that started production only a decade ago with a brand new vision and a mission for change.

Let us know your thoughts on Tesla Model 3 production goals in the comments section below.

Featured Photo by Scott Kelly / Jax Tesla Service Center

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