Tesla Semi Truck, Tesla Roadster and Tesla Model Y at the2019 Tesla Shareholder Meeting

Red Tesla Semi, Roadster, and Model Y greet the participants at the 2019 Tesla Shareholder Meeting

The annual Tesla Shareholder Meeting took place at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California yesterday — as the participants entered the building Tesla Model Y, Tesla Semi Truck and the Next-gen Tesla Roadster welcomed the participants of the meeting and all of these beautiful electric vehicles were in ‘Red’, the color of love!

A white Next-gen Roadster and the Silver Tesla Semi Prototype were showcased at the last year’s Tesla Shareholder Meeting and they looked stunning too but putting all these in red was even cooler, according to some enthusiasts ‘red cars are faster and more attractive’, you may disagree but…

Our friend and Tesla Shareholder Vincent got a chance to click some awesome pictures of this next-generation of Tesla electric vehicles all going to production in 2020 — production and delivery wise if 2019 would be a great year for Tesla, 2020 will be epic with several Roadsters and Semis on the road, the hype will be at its peak.

Some interesting news and information also came out of the Elon Musk’s presentation at the 2019 Tesla Shareholder Meeting yesterday, that we will cover later today in our next posts, for now, let’s enjoy the HD Photos of these marvels of engineering and design.

The Tesla Model Y prototype in ‘red’ is seen for the first time, at the Model Y unveil event there were two prototypes present one in ‘blue’ and the other in ‘white’ which was at the time believed to be only a design shell, perhaps now Tesla has made it functional and colored it red.

The red Tesla Semi Truck prototype in the above pictures was originally ‘black’ but Tesla later decided to change the color and for a good reason, the red Tesla Semi when spotted for the first time received a huge amount of attention from every corner of the internet and beyond.

The red Next-gen Tesla Roadster in the above pics is the original prototype that jumped out of the Tesla Semi-trailer at the Tesla Semi unveil event, that was a moment of awe for the entire Tesla community and sports car enthusiasts around the world, watching the event live, a super cool surprise by none other than Mr. Elon Musk himself, beat that ICE’ers.

Another great set of photos of the Tesla Semi Truck and the Red Roadster prototype were taken the Mathew Bradshaw (@matthewbradshaw6 / Instagram) which you can browse below — click/tap photos above and below to load gallery mode.


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