Legendary Ferrari chief test driver Dario Benuzzi tests and praises the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3 earns praise from the legendary Ferrari chief test driver Dario Benuzzi

How does a legendary supercar driver feel when he drives a Tesla Model 3 for the first time? Dario Benuzzi, the Ex-Chief Test Driver for Ferrari tells us that he totally adores it, @Atellani had the chance talk to the living icon during his casual Model 3 drive and shared the outcome of the meeting:

He likes the steering wheel in comfort mode, not so much in sport. Appreciates the front suspensions, a bit less the rear. Loves the regen. even more so in Track Mode. All in all, he adores the M3. This man drove and most of all developed cars for almost 5 decades and what cars! Several F1 cars, F40, F40 Le Mans, F50, La Ferrari, Scuderia, 333, 430, 360, 550, 575, 458, F12, Testarossa, Enzo, you name it. Seeing him loving the Tesla M3 is a pleasure and a testament to how good the car is. If he could only donate some of his soul to this car, it would be even better. He is the true tailor of sports cars and one of the last remaining. Maybe Elon Musk should have both him and Nico Rosberg challenge each other at the Nurburgring.

He was and he still is a natural. He truly drove just about anything fast to hyper-fast including all the F1 cars until they banned testing. It is rumored that at Fiorano on the single lap he was faster than Michael Schumacher. He told me a funny story about Nigel Mansell borrowing his driving shows on the first day and beating his lap record without knowing the track. I cannot think of a better man to judge an M3. He has more Ferrari in his DNA than anyone. It’s endless amazing cars where his input was essential. I cannot think of anyone else with the same experience.

A keen driver such as Benuzzi can truly tell about a car’s feel and performance, a little bit of complaint about the rear suspension can give Tesla a chance to tweak the performance of the Model 3.

Video: Dario Benuzzi’s career highlights at Ferrari

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

The real fun will be to see Dario Benuzzi testing the Tesla Model 3 on a track, perhaps at Maranello where he has spent the 48 year of his life testing all the legendary Ferraris like the F40, LaFerrari, Enzo and what not!

Atellani has promised us that he will try to take Benuzzi and the Model 3 to enjoy a track day and report with cool pics and videos, even Elon Musk can invite Benuzzi to test the Model S or 3 at a race track — getting positive feedback from a Ferrari legend on a Tesla electric car would be great.

Car talk with a living legend and Italian food (Tagliatelle al ragù) makes the perfect day for a car enthusiast.
Many thank for photos and story by @Atellani/Twitter, provided to us on special request.

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