New Driving Visualizations in the Tesla 2019.16.1 software update

First-look at the new Driving Visualizations in Tesla 2019.16.1 update

Tesla has started deploying the 2019.16 over-the-air software update to Tesla owners outside the Early Access Program members, the latest software release updates the driving visualizations that graphically represent the road conditions and traffic situation around the car.

In the new 2019.16.x driving visualizations, Tesla has re-designed the owner’s car with more attention to detail, the following video by Daniel Spalding shows the latest driving visualizations in a Tesla Model 3 which look cooler than before, just for comparison we have added another video down below that shows a Model 3 navigating  on Autopilot in LA traffic with an older software version (2018.48.12).

In the latest driving visualizations, Tesla cars are zoomed in an out on the center display depending on the situation of the vehicle, this enhances the chances of alerting the driving of a blind spot, according to the 2019.16.1 Tesla software release notes:

The driving visualization has been adjusted to automatically zoom in and out to better utilize screen space and inform you when a vehicle is detected in your blind spot. The visualization remains zoomed out when driving on highways.

Video: Tesla Model 3 – New Driving Visualizations

In the new driving visualizations, the car’s vector graphic realigns smoothly from the Top View (vehicle stopped) to the zoomed-out Rear-View when the vehicle is in motion, this is a flawless animation rendered on the Tesla vehicle’s center screen.

The new driving visualizations also show the car turning to left and right with the animated vehicle compared to just showing two curved lines on both sides in the previous versions, the car also has a better visual representation of the headlights when turned ON, also the brake lights also turn on the rendered car on the screen when pressing the brake pedal.

According to TeslaFi (a website that tracks Tesla software/firmware update statistics), till now 452 Tesla owners have received the 2019.16 updates on their vehicles with a variety of subversions of the software that might contain minor bug fixes or improvements (subversions detected till now: 2019.16.1.1 697c2ff and 2019.16.1 2133a1f).

There are several other major safety and sentry mode enhancements included in the 2019.16 Tesla firmware update that we have covered in detail in an earlier post with full release notes.


Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

Video: Tesla Model 3 – Old Driving Visualizations

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