Playing Tesla Atari Games with USB XBOX One, PS4 and PC Controllers in a Tesla Model 3

Tesla Atari games can now be played with a PS4, Xbox One and PC USB Controller

Tesla software update 2018.48.12.1 enables Model 3, Model S and Model X occupants play in-car-games with PS4, Xbox One or PC USB Controllers (video below). This latest update to the Tesla firmware version V9 further extends upon the latest Easter Eggs which include a new game ‘Mars Madness (originally Pole Position on Atari)’.

The 2018.48.12.1 release notes declare the USB Controller gameplay in the following words:

TeslAtari Game Controller Support

You can now play TeslAtari games with a USB game controller. Simply plug in the controller into one of your car’s front USB ports and launch your TeslAtari game when your car is in Park.

Note: Controller behavior may vary depending on its make and model.

Pole Position (car racing on Mars in a Tesla) can be played using the Model 3 steering wheel and brake pedal which in our opinion is more fun than playing this game with the USB controllers but there are multiple other classic Atari games like the Asteroids, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Centipede that would be better off with the joypads.

Although not officially announced by Tesla some testing by enthusiasts show that wired PS4 and Xbox One controllers can also be used to play the games in your Tesla vehicle, let’s watch a demo:

USB Controller support in the latest update (2018.48.12.1 and above) is a plug-n-play functionality, you just need to insert the USB controller before going into the ‘Atari’ Easter Egg (tapping the Tesla “T” at the top center of the touchscreen, then tap the Atari logo in your Easter Egg tray and select your desired game from the drop-down menu).

Important: By digging down the video’s comments section we saw that the ‘1st generation PS4 controllers’ don’t work with TeslAtari games, you will need to have at least 2nd gen PS4 controllers that also support connecting with computers and come with PlayStation 4 Slim version.

As Tesla mentioned in release notes (above) that there may be some difference of settings and compatibility related to the make and model of the USB controllers. PC USB Controllers range from $8 – $100+ on Amazon depending on model and quality, so choose wisely.

Enjoy holidays while playing Romance Mode or surprising friends with 6 different far sounds coming from any seat of the car or playing classic Atari games in your car, Tesla has taken in-car-entertainment to a serious next-level!

A specific Xbox 360 controller is also reported to work with the TeslAtari games, you can check the following tweet for details:

Update: Teslatari games can now also be played using a USB adapter that lets you connect several types of controllers (PC, XBOX, Playstation / see video below).

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