New Tesla Autopilot visualizations in firmware update 2019.28.3.7

New Tesla Autopilot visualization animations released in the 2019.28.3.7 firmware update

Tesla has just released new driving visualization animations for Autopilot in their latest fleet-wide firmware update subversion 2019.28.3.7, this update comes in the wake of this year’s major Tesla software upgrade from V9 to V10.

Elon Musk has been talking about the Tesla V10 Software update release since last month but a satisfactory release of the ‘Enhanced Summon‘ feature has proven to be the main hindrance in doing so, according to the latest statement by the Silicon Valley-based automaker’s CEO, the release has been pushed forward a few more weeks.

The 2019.28.3.7 software update’s new driving visualization animation video was shared on Twitter by Tesla Life of Deenchik earlier today in which we can see that the visualization highlights the lane with blue color to which the car intends to change the lane to, it also creates a highlighted spot where is actually going to be placed.

According to the firmware tracker, at the time of this writing only 10 or 11 Tesla cars currently have received the 2019.28.3.7 update out of about 7,130 contributing Tesla owners.

Tesla Life of Deenchik was courteous enough to record another video of the new driving visualizations in the day mode (light theme of the center touchscreen) on my request and permitted me to publish it on my YouTube channel, it is a bit longer video for a better look and with some cool music in the background.

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Tesla gave a major update to the look of the driving visualizations earlier in May with the 2019.16.1 firmware update, this is the second time they have given a lift to the visual elements of the Autopilot this year.

The Full Self-Driving (FSD) deployment and regulation might be pushed a little bit into the future but features like Enhanced Summon, Autopark and Navigate on Autopilot keep the Tesla owners happy who signed up for FSD or Enhanced Autopilot feature at the time of their vehicle purchase.

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