Model 3 delivery party stage being setup by Tesla

Tesla Model 3 delivery party preparations in full swing

Jul 28, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Today is the day for Tesla Model 3 reservation holders and EV enthusiasts worldwide. The Model 3 delivery party and finale unveil is a milestone achieved in the history of cars specially electric vehicles.

As you can see in the above featured photo that the stage is being setup for the exclusive event where a select few are invited except for Tesla employees. Tesla owners with most referrals were sent invitations to the event about 10 days ago for making necessary arrangements for arrival. will live-stream the event like always and you can watch the first delivery of the Model 3 8:45 PM Pacific Time according to the official tweet.

Earlier today Elon Musk released a short teaser video (below) on Instagram showing stage preparations from last night.

Setting up for Model 3 handover tomorrow night ...

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Elon Musk announced last year at the Tesla Q3 party at the Avaya Stadium that Model 3 delivery event will be a party and the parties are gonna get better (video below).

Also we can see in the above video there is a red Model 3 already upon the stage, this might be the same gorgeous Model 3 that was seen at the Los Angeles Tesla Service Center yesterday.

So fingers crossed as it’s less than 12 hours remaining for the main event to start with deliveries and Elon Musk’s talk is expected at 9:00 PM Pacific Time but it might get a bit delayed as usual but who cares, it’s the weekend and everyone will enjoy, the last thing would be some test drives that might happen late night.

You can check your local time for the delivery event live-stream at this link here, Country is pre-selected if you want to see your City select ‘City’ from the drop-down on left above the list.

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