Tesla Model 3 dashcam catches stranger jump-smashing the car's windshield in Portland.

Tesla Model 3 dashcam catches stranger jump-smashing the car’s windshield in Portland

Tesla Model 3 dashcam using the Sentry Mode captured the footage of a man smashing the car’s windshield in a unique manner i.e. jumping over the hood and then jumping over the windshield — as weird as it may sound, it is real (video by Fox News 12 below).

The owner of the Tesla Model 3 Toby Wickwire from Portland, OR said:

I didn’t know that you could do that, that is kind of shocking to me, you can just jump on a windshield and completely cave it in.

According to Fox 12 News other cars in the surroundings have been previously damaged in the same fashion as well but no one was able to catch the vandal on camera yet, the next-generation technology of Tesla made it possible to identify the suspect.

Bonnie Silkman for KPTV reported that some other cars were also damaged in the same manner, probably by the same guy or a group of like-minded individuals, she posted the following picture on Twitter:

Wickwire has owned his Tesla Model 3 for only two weeks, a damaged Model 3 windshield replacement costs around $1,000 (know the full cost and process breakdown).

This seems to be worse than the previous cases where the vandals keyed a Model 3 in old Sacramento and the biker from Oslo, Norway breaking the side mirror of a Model X, if it was not for the Sentry Mode recording running 24×7 this guy would have done more damage in the future.

The footprints of the douchebag on the Model 3 bonnet with the footage of him smashing the screen will help Wickwire in the insurance claim process and the Sentry Mode might be a helpful tool in the near future to lower down the insurance costs for Tesla owners.

However the Portland Police is on the look for this guy and encourages to inform them if anyone has information about this car jumper+crasher.

Source: KPTV

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