Tesla Model 3 production starts July 7th, first 30 cars handover on 28th & more

Jul 03, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

This Sunday must have been a world record of ‘refreshing’ the browser and apps for Elon Musk’s Twitter profile and the Tesla subreddit, as Model 3 reservation holders and Tesla enthusiasts desperately waited for the promised Model 3 production news.

At last at the end of the day Elon Musk tweeted that:

Model 3 passed all regulatory requirements for production two weeks ahead of schedule. Expecting to complete SN1 on Friday

SN1 is the vehicle with ‘Serial Number 1’, the first ever production Tesla Model 3. According to Elon Musk this coming Friday is the start of Model 3 production which is already starting two weeks ahead of schedule.

Tesla Motors Inc. is not very popular for sticking to their production deadlines, but for a relatively inexperienced Company the customers have been lenient on this part in lieu of innovation and sustainability.

But this time Tesla has amazed everyone by pulling the trigger before estimated time of production time which is good news for the reservation holders as a good chunk of them will be able to own their dream car this year.

Moments later in the following tweet Elon Musk also described how Model 3 production will ramp up:

So the handover party is also the final unveil of the most anticipated electric-car of all time, the Tesla Model 3. In the above tweet Elon Musk also gave us a hint on how the production will ramp up, it’s not gradual, it’s exponential. It’s not addition, it’s multiplication which finally leads to Alien Dreadnought 0.5 that was promised at Model 3 launch earlier by Elon Musk.

The exponential growth or Alien Dreadnought 0.5 is possible only through the arrival of hundreds of Kuka Robots at the Tesla factory in the last week of April as we reported earlier. In another tweet last night Elon Musk said that production ramp up will eventually reach to 20,000 Model 3 cars produced per month till December.

If the exponential growth in production capacity ramps up in this fashion, Tesla will be able to clear a major portion of the 400,000+ Model 3 reservations and growing till end of 2018 or first quarter of 2019, that could be a remarkable achievement by the revolutionary automaker.

Iqtidar Ali
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Iqtidar Ali is a long time web developer and now writing for his childhood passion 'cars' further boosted by the advent of electric vehicles especially Tesla.

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