Tesla Model 3 competes with the BMW M3 in several races in the latest Top Gear video.

Tesla Model 3 battles BMW M3 on the race track in the latest Top Gear video

At last Top Gear gets ahold of both a Tesla Model 3 and BMW M3 on a race track in an attempt to test if Elon Musk’s claims about Model 3’s performance can actually be proved right.

The video which features multiple types of races between the two performance cars starts with the reference to two of Elon Musk’s following tweets from the launch of Model 3 Performance variant, almost a year ago!

Elon Musk revealed the Model 3 Performance’s initial specs and said it can beat any car in its class on the track, a bold assertion by the passionate CEO:

Tesla Model 3 also made it to the cover of May’s Top Gear Magazine (cover image below) along with a BMW M3 in the background, the main title says:

“Electric beats Petrol, Tesla Model 3 outguns BMW M3, Elon wasn’t tweeting nonsense (for once)”

This is coming from a show that does not have a great history when it comes to relationships with Tesla but putting aside all biases, Model 3 is a clear winner here.

Top Gear Magazine Cover for May 2019, features Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW M3 on track battles. Image by: BBC Top Gear
Top Gear Magazine Cover for May 2019, features Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW M3 on track battles. Image by: BBC Top Gear

Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW M3 Track Races

Top Gear Organized four races on the track between the two cars i.e. a Tesla Model 3 Performance with ‘Track Mode‘ and a BMW M3  — 1/4 drag race, 0-100 mph & braking to 0, hot lap times, and drift-ability.

The result is Tesla Model 3 winning by 3:1 with the BMW M3 only getting the limelight in the drifting arena, Tesla might need to further tweak the Track Mode in order to improve the car’s ability to drift.

Let’s get through some quick specs of both cars before watching the interesting track races (video below).

Tesla Model 3 vs. BMW M3 specs summary

Options / FeaturesTesla Model 3 PerformanceBMW M3
Power444 bhp425 bhp
Torque471 lb-ft (instant)406 lb-ft
Curb Weight1850 kg (4079 lbs)1560 kg (3440 lbs)
0-60 mph3.2 secs4.1 secs
Range310 miles34.0 mpg
TransmissionSingle-speed 4WD7-speed DCT Auto RWD
Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX

The Results

Drag Race:

The winner Model 3 finishes in 11.9 secs @112.6 mph vs. BMW M3 crossing the line in 12.6 secs @119.1 mph


Due to the instant acceleration of the Tesla Model 3, it was the clear winner here as well.

Hot Laps (standing start):

With ‘Track Mode’ ON, the Tesla Model 3 handles a lot better as we saw in the video while the BMW M3 did not even have a cool start in the third race. The BMW lost this race as well and couldn’t beat Tesla’s lap time of 1:34.07 secs with its 1:35.96 secs of performance.


This is where the Model 3 lacked the ability in comparison to the BMW M3 but winning 3 races out of 4 is never a bad day for any car, electric or not!

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