Tesla Model 3 phone app and Key Card official HD photos

20 Aug Tesla Model 3: Official HD photos show mobile app and key card functionality

Aug 20, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Latest Model 3 exterior and interior photos released by Tesla for the press (HD gallery below) reveal a few glimpses of the Tesla mobile app paired as a key and showing the key card being held against the B-pillar to open the car. An interior picture shows phone docking position and placement of the key card atop the cup holders.

Tesla mobile app shown in the image below presents the final step of pairing the vehicle with your personal phone. We can see that WiFi is active and Bluetooth icon is inactive in this picture but if internet is not enabled, the phone app will also work using the Bluetooth technology that is always turned ON, so you don’t have to connect to your car each time you walk up to it.

The key-card acts as a backup key in case your phone is present for any reason or the phone battery has drained totally. We can clearly see that the key-card is plain without any buttons — like a key-fob to open the trunk or frunk of the car, this strongly suggests the key-card’s main purpose is ride sharing, not just being a backup key.

You can just hand over the key card to your friends or anyone if they want to enjoy the ride of the most anticipated car of the 21st century yet and forget about them fiddling with any valuables or accessing restricted areas of the vehicle, more security is provided by the interior camera as well.

So you will be at ease by monitoring your car remotely using your Tesla mobile app and maybe even check on your kids / occupants via video feed from the interior camera and stay worry free. Model 3 is truly a milestone achieved in pursuit of Tesla Master Plan but Tesla is reluctant to admit to much of what we explained in the previous lines.

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