First White Model 3 Production Candidate Spotted near San Bruno, CA

Update: Another White Model Spotted in Palo Alto, CA with front and side angle details.

A white Tesla Model 3 was spotted and captured by ‘robinadastra (instagram)‘ yesterday while heading north on 280 near the San Bruno exit. This is the first white-colored production candidate Model 3 (full picture below) spotted after the Black & Blue ones made their cameo appearances at various locations around Tesla factory.

The photographer was only able to take a singe photo of the rear of the vehicle as it passed her car as the Model 3 over-took to the front. This white Model 3 candidate did not even have an Manufacturer Registration (MFR) number plate as usually the case with vehicles testing out on the roads and highways.

The pictures are coming out at a time when Tesla Fremont factory is flooded with Kuka robots to start full fledged Model 3 production in July.

Enthusiasts are even saying this is not a Model 3 but an X, but truly this isn’t the case. It’s a 3 with all it’s awesomeness. We also have posted a front angle picture of a Silver Model 3 at the Tesla facotry to elaborate the beautiful front design from a close distance.

Update: Added another spy shot of white Model 3 below.

Let’s check out the pictures below. Click/Tap to zoom-in and share !

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