Tesla releases V9 software update demos

Tesla releases short video demos of the new V9 software update

Oct 06, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

We have been following up and presenting you the latest developments in the Tesla V9 software update process. Yesterday Elon Musk announced that the V9 software update has started rolling-out fleet-wide i.e. for all Tesla vehicles 3, S and X.

Although the most anticipated feature of the Tesla V9 Software, the ‘Navigate on Autopilot (Mad Max Mode)‘ is on hold for further testing and safety validation, the rest of the features are going wide release.

As per Tesla the new features will first be available to owners in U.S. and Canada and then the update will be available to the rest of the world gradually — it’s important to remember that some features are only available in specific countries.

Tesla also released a few demonstration videos for the V9 Software Update’s new features (get full details/release notes here for Model 3).

Tesla also released a short video of the Dashcam functionality and that shows the clear vision the front camera has — recording the Dashcam video on your Model S/3/X requires a USB/Flash drive.

Some User Interface elements have totally been re-worked in the V9 update, the most notable of them all is probably the Air-Vents (air conditioning/clima) controls that are more intuitive and user friendly as you can see in the video demo above.

Let us know if you have got the Tesla V9 software update installed on your vehicle and what is your experience regarding the new features and enhancements in the comments section below.

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