Tesla Semi sound while accelerating

Listening to an accelerating Tesla Semi sound is ‘cool’ to say the least

Electric Vehicles not only reduce atmospheric pollution, they minimize ‘noise pollution’ as well but a little bit of sound never hurts — like the Tesla Semi’s acceleration in a new video shot earlier this month.

Tesla Semi Truck is powered by 4 electric motors borrowed from the Model 3 running in sync to pull up to 80,000 lbs of weight. The sound of the semi truck might be the result of rear motors being almost in an open setting.

At slow speeds the Tesla Semi does not a noticeable sound as we have seen in several videos earlier but here the driver seems have floored the pedal.

Yes the Tesla Semi sound is titillating — exciting the senses of the Tesla and EV enthusiasts — ‘cool’ is a modest word to describe it, it’s beyond that.

Tesla Semi has been making headlines since March this year when two prototype trucks started their first journey from the Tesla Gigafactory to Fremont car factory.

Corportate clients like UPS, Bee’ahAnheuser-Busch (Budweiser), J.B. Hunt, FedEx, TCI Transportation and Walmart are taking keen interest in making the Tesla Semi electric truck a major part of their logistics fleet.

Tesla’s electric hauler is already disrupting the trucking industry and even facing a $2B lawsuit by Nikola Motor Company on alleged design theft — but Tesla was able to register a design patent for their Semi Truck.

You can also view the whole Tesla Semi cabin from the inside in a video — showcasing the minimalist design pattern also seen in the automaker’s compact electric sedan, Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Semi truck is often found thousands of miles away across the United States with the help of the existing Supercharger network but when in production, Tesla Semi will have it’s own Megacharging terminals or stations along the highway.

One of the two prototype Tesla Semi trucks (the black one) is not recently been seen, the Silver prototype Tesla Semi is the one mostly found everywhere.

Tesla claims to have more than 2,000 orders for it’s electric semi truck but according to our tracking page, a total of 628 trucks have been pre-ordered till now.

Listen to the titillating Tesla Semi sound and do let us know your feelings in the comments section below.

UPS of Illinois tested the Tesla Semi truck last month and  found, ‘That Tesla tractor is one smooth ride… ‘ (watch video below).

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