Rent a Tesla Model 3 in Germany

Now you can rent a Tesla Model 3 in Germany

Apr 08, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

There’s great news for Tesla Model 3 reservation holders from Germany — the first has arrived in the city of Neuss which is ~10 km away from Düsseldorf, Germany.

Arndt Automotive GmbH who provide cars for testing, research and comparison to companies is now offering their imported Tesla Model 3 for rental — just contact them in normal business hours for more information.

As deliveries for Europe/UK are pushed towards spring 2019 as per a recent tweet by Elon Musk — thousands and thousands of Tesla Model 3 reservation holders are getting impatient as the wait has surpassed 2 years already.

At least renting out a Tesla Model 3 will give reservation holders a chance to test the vehicle first-hand and help with the decision either to move with their reservation forwards or look for a used Tesla Model S or another EV.

Check out the photo gallery below of the beautiful white Tesla Model 3 (courtesy of Arndt Automotive GmbH)  — first of it’s kind to reach German soil. The interior shots taken are very unique show the contemporary/simple look of the Model 3.

The company proudly announced their service to rent a Tesla Model 3 in Germany in a Facebook post (in German language)  — as they are the first to offer such service in Europe.

Previously we saw a black Tesla Model 3 at the Geneva Motor Show by Caresoft who provide automotive benchmarking, engineering and technological insights to corporate clients by dismantling the cars they acquire.

Tesla Model 3 production ramp has now reached 2,000 units/week but European reservation holders are still on the back burner — should be expecting their Model 3 to arrive mid or even late 2019.

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