Tesla halts online ordering website middle of the day - 28 Feb 2019

Tesla shuts down ‘Online Ordering’ website for major product overhaul, $35k Model 3 might be coming

The online Tesla Design Studio website is now showing the message ‘The wait is almost over’, Great things are launching at 2pm. This indicates that Tesla is making a major product offering and modification to the existing product options and pricing.

Elon Musk’s tusk will bite the entire automotive industry in less than 1 hour from now as Tesla’s most awaited product in history, the mass market $35,000 Model 3 is expected to be launched in a few mins.

There could be other major changes and product offerings related to Tesla Model S and Model X — this could be Tesla’s biggest move for 2019, all eyes are on Tesla today, hopefully it’s going to be huge when the cat comes out of the bag.

Our friends over at Teslarati created a poll earlier yesterday asking the enthusiastic Tesla community what do they think is going to happen on Thursday 2pm, till  now 51% voted for Model Y unveil, 14% for Model 3 Standard variant, 16% for Supercharger V3 and 19% for Autopilot Full Self-Driving (FSD).

Big Update: Tesla has launched the $35,000 Standard Model 3 variant, get the full details

But since there is no unveil event happening right now, the Tesla Model Y option is far from happening, this is a major overhaul of the product line and Supercharger V3 is not out of question. The only big blow from the Elon’s tusks to the competition would be the $35,000 Model 3 also known as the Tesla Model 3 Standard.

Of course, all of these are conjectures but only Elon Musk and some higher-ups at Tesla know what’s going to be on the plate in a few mins. TSLA stock is an all-time high for the last five days since it went downhill after SEC went for Elon Musk’s production estimate tweets earlier this week.

Let’s wait a few more mins and we will know for sure what’s cooking!

Ligthed 'T' for Tesla Model 3 by EVANNEX
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