Tesla Model Y spotted on the California 101 highway.

Tesla Model Y filmed for over 3 mins via Model 3’s Autopilot cameras

While cruising on the California 101 Northbound, a Tesla Model 3 owner saw a Tesla Model Y approaching from behind in his side-view mirror, the timing was perfect to capture some footage — this was one of the several prototypes with a manufacturer license plate performing a test run on the highway.

Luckily another Tesla Model 3 in white color was also going forward in the next lane of the Model Y, an ideal condition to compare both vehicles visually side-by-side.

Although Tesla Model Y shares a lot with the Model 3 but it is also very different in many ways, like the height of the vehicle, and especially the side profile and doors are very different from the Model 3, not to forget that the Y is a hatchback (easy trunk access and more storage, etc.).

Looking at another screenshot from the video that shows a BMW X5 and Model Y side-by-side, both the height and width of the Model Y are less than the BMW X5.

BMW X5 exterior dimensions are Length: 4,922 mm (193.7 in), Width: 2,218 mm (87.3 in), and Height: 1,745 mm (68.7 in).

And the Tesla Model 3 exterior dimensions are: Length: 4,694 mm (184.8 in), Width: 1,933 mm (76.1 in), Height: 1,442 mm (56.8 in). Apparently the Model Y’s overall size sits between both of these vehicles.

Tesla Model Y and BMW X5 side-by-side.
Tesla Model Y and BMW X5 side-by-side (Credits: kenken830 / YouTube).

Model Y production is on top of the Tesla’s priority list, during the opening remarks of the Q3′ 2019 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that the Model Y production timeline has been re-scheduled to start in summer 2020 instead of the earlier planned fall 2020.

Also Tesla Gigafactory 3 in Shanghai China will be producing the lower variants of the Model Y in addition to the Tesla Model 3s for China and the surrounding region where it is way cheaper to ship from China than from the United States.

The time for the Gigafactory 4 Europe location announcement is also fastly approaching as per Elon Musk’s statement at the Q3 Earnings Call last week.

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