Tesla Model 3 Performance wheels from the referral program.

First look at the Tesla Model 3 Forged Performance Wheels from the referral program

An exclusive first look at the Tesla Model 3 Forged Performance Wheels was just posted by TeslaOwnersOnline.com — these new alloy wheels will soon be offered to Tesla owners who have reached the level with at least three referrals in the New Referral Program.

Tesla owners have been waiting for these wheels for a long time as Tesla promised these to be available last year but the timeline has dragged a bit, but finally they are spotted on a Tesla Inc. owned Model 3 as reported by Tesla owner and enthusiast Zack in the following tweet:

According to the post by admin of Tesla Owners Online forum Trevor, the new Forged Performance wheels are loaded with Michelin Sport Cup 2 summer tires, these tires are actually very wide and sporty, when I tried to find a fit for them for a comparable Audi like the A4, these were not available for them, and Audi R8 which is a purpose built sports car can be equipped with these.

I was able to find another variant of the tire i.e. Michelin Sport 4 which is a less wider tire and perfectly fits on a comparable BMW M340i — loading Michelin Sport Cup 2 on a Tesla Model 3 Performance seems overkill (see tire image below).

Michelin Sport Cup 2 Summer Tires.
Michelin Sport Cup 2 Summer Tires.
Tesla Model 3 Forged Performance Wheel photo.
Tesla Model 3 Forged Performance Wheel photo (Source: TeslaOwnersOnline.com)
Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

I have tried to improve the brightness of the image of the new wheel and expose it from the rest of the photo as you can see above, does look like a nice OEM wheel, several owners are showing the intent to sell these wheels instead of keeping them for daily use.

The other option in the Tesla Mobile App’s Loot Box for the third referral is you can get a Tesla to drive for a whole week, until now the Tesla Referral Program states that this can be either a Model S or Model X, most of the existing owners are not interested in that choice, if it was a Roadster, Semi, or the Cybertruck, it would be cool enough for them to leave the wheels and enjoy the ride.

Note: Tesla Referral Program is changes from time to time, pls do remember to read the official version for the current offering details.

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