Tesla Model Y SUVs spotted outside Tesla Fremont car factory.

Tesla Model Y prototypes with new wheels spotted near Tesla Fremont factory

A bunch of red Tesla Model Y vehicles loaded on a car carrier trailer are spotted just outside the Tesla Fremont car factory, the interesting thing about these new cars is that they have a different wheel design which is seen first time on a Tesla.

Looks like these new wheels are specifically designed for Tesla Model Y as the ‘standard’ option with aero caps, and the wheels seen at the unveiling earlier this year might come as the premium option or pre-installed on the ‘Performance’ variant of the compact SUV.

Another interesting element that can be seen in the spotted picture is the apparent chrome window trim that is missing on the rear quarter window — actually, this might be a protective tape for the window trim, if it was chrome, it would’ve been consistent throughout the entire window cluster.

Chrome delete on the Model Y was one of the attractions and differentiators from the Tesla Model 3 and it was praised by the entire Tesla community unanimously, there does not seem to be a reason for Tesla to bring back the chromed windows on the Y.

Franzilla posted the picture on Instagram, I have illustrated some points on the source photo below that explain how this window trim is most probably protective white tape rather than a chrome trim.

I also used the Photoshop eye-dropper tool on both the silver wheel and the window trim and the results also show that the window trim is around 99% white.

Tesla Model Y vehicles spotted around Fremont factory don't have chrome trim, it's protective white tap (illstration / infographic).
Tesla Model Y vehicles spotted around Fremont factory don't have chrome trim, it's protective white tap (illstration / infographic).
Aftermarket Tesla Accessories by EVANNEX

This picture also shows that Tesla is actively making more Model Y prototypes for testing, three red Model Ys in this picture are in addition to the black prototype seen in the wild being tested around the Tesla HQ in Palo, Alto CA last week which showed Tesla engineers performing software validation on the car.

Tesla is working on adjusting the Fremont factory space in order to setup Model Y assembly lines, if it all goes well, Elon Musk’s 500k/year vehicle production target could be met as early as next year.

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