Designer’s vision of an Electric Supercar the ‘Tesla Model EXP’

Tesla Model EXP is not another random sketch of a supercar by any designer, it’s a detailed concept of a futuristic electric car. This concept is designed by Spanish Automotive Designer, Xabier Albizu to impress the ever enthusiastic Tesla fans and tease the curiosity of Elon Musk who perhaps is the best automotive engineer alive.

Xabier Albizu dives into fine detail about the aerodynamics, powertrain & technology of the EXP concept electric supercar specially designed for Tesla. Tesla if amused could adopt the design and further refine it for the future of Electric GT replacing the modified Model S for the sort after event.

The aggressive front design of the concept car is in-line with ‘Tesla Design Language” by integrating the famous Model S/3/X nose that doesn’t need a grill being an electric. Though the rear-view design seems to be inspired by the elitist Lamborghini Centenario but also has a unique essence to itself as well.


As described by the designer Model EXP has an advanced active aerodynamics package designed for efficient air-flow between the exterior body panels and around the capsule-shaped driver/passenger cabin.

The air flow helps at both, keeping powertrain and batteries cooled and creating the necessary down-force for great handling

As we all know a picture is worth a thousand words so we have two pictures below to describe the concept supercar’s aerodyanamics.


Of course Tesla cars are already equipped with the most advanced technology of the 21st century with several cameras and sensors to support Autopilot 2.0 but Xabier takes another bold concept of installing a fin-shaped 360-degree camera on the top for autonomous reasons or for pure fun of recording track performances in VR/3D.

The Model EXP concept has four independent electric motors for each wheel enabling the system to distribute power where it’s needed the most. This concept empowers ‘torque vectoring‘ as seen in the Rimac’s electric cars.

Tesla Model EXP Concept - Technology, Charging, Rear Diffuser, Motors
Tesla Model EXP Concept - Technology, Charging, Rear Diffuser, Motors

The palatable charging location looks more practical for an electric sports car of this design. Although there doesn’t seem to be a place of this concept among the current Tesla Roster specially when a Tesla Roadster Convertible release is planned by 2019.

Let’s enjoy more pictures of this great concept by our Spanish friend. You can find and contact Xabier online on Behance here.

Tesla Model EXP | Photo Gallery

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