Model 3 two versions Elon Musk confirms

Details of Two Tesla Model 3 versions Elon Musk just announced

Jul 29, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

A grand event of car history has taken place and reservation holders are enjoying Model 3 test drives at the time of this writing. So we have some awesome details on the affordable electric car by Tesla.

First thing is that there will be two versions of the Tesla Model 3, one is Standard that will have a 220 miles of range and the other one is Long Range which has a 310 miles of EPA range. Although Elon Musk did not announce the specific battery packs sizes at the event but experts should be able to figure it out shortly.

Let’s look at the comparison data for both versions ( Thanks to Electric Vehicle Guy for help in gathering the info ).

OptionsStandard ModelLong Range Model
Range220 miles (354 kms)310 miles (499 kms)
0-60 mph5.6 sec5.1 sec
Top speed130 mph (209 km/h)140 mph (225 km/h)
Supercharging rate130 miles of range per 30 mins170 miles of range per 30 mins
Home Charging rate30 miles of range per hour (240V outlet 40A)37 miles of range per hour (240V outlet 40A)
Deliveries BeginFall 2017July 2017
Solid Black: Standard
Midnight Silver Metallic: +$1,000
Deep Blue Metallic: +$1,000
Silver Metallic: +$1,000
Pearl White Multi-Coat: +$1,000
Red Multi-Coat: +$1,000
Standard: 18" Aero
19" Sport: +$15,00 (Sport are the V-Spoke ones for sure)

So if you want to add 90 miles of extra range you need to pay $9,000 on top of the standard battery, but I guess that is justifiable as Tesla needs to make some profit on Model 3 as well.

The standard wheels are the 18″ Aero ones that Tesla registered the patent for previously and the 19″ sport wheels they are mentioning are the V-Spoke wheels that most of the customers will want for a whopping $15,00 additional. Tesla’s up-selling strategy will surely work with the wheel options because most of the reservations holders did not have very positive views for the aero wheels.

In the end enjoy the latest Model 3 promo video name ‘S3X on the bridge’ below. Let us know your valuable thoughts in the comment section below or follow us on Facebook and/or Twitter for updates.

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Iqtidar Ali is a long time web developer and now writing for his childhood passion 'cars' further boosted by the advent of electric vehicles especially Tesla.

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