Get Up Close and Personal with Tesla Model 3 using the unofficial Design Studio

Apr 23, 2017 | by Iqtidar Ali

Model 3 enthusiasm and excitement has reached new heights since Elon Musk announced the final unveiling in July. The steamed-up reservation holders and fans of Tesla Model 3 now have a little tool to satisfy their senses a bit.

The users can change the paint, wheels and some interior options in the fan-built Model 3 configurator. Although the creator did not use latest leaked photos as a guide for front-fascia and new steering wheel design for the most awaited car of 2017 but still this is a fun way to heighten the excitement.

Official design studio for Model 3 is expected to go online near the final unveiling event in July to give early reservation holders the option customize their orders. This will streamline the process of handing over the first few Model 3s at the unveil event.

Until then enjoy the fan made basic Model 3 studio at

Tesla Model 3 Unofficial Design Studio
Tesla Model 3 Unofficial Design Studio - Color Picker
Iqtidar Ali

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