Fleet of Tesla Model 3 ready for delivery at Jacksonville Florida store

Tesla’s Jacksonville Florida store gets flooded with Model 3 vehicles ready for delivery

Apr 17, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Great news for Tesla Model 3 reservation holders from Jacksonville Florida as we have seen the back-lot filled with Model 3s ready to be delivered. Friend of our website Scott Kelly went to the the Jacksonville, FL service center only to find several Model 3 ready to get delivered (HD gallery below).

According to Scott there were only two Model S and X present in the back-lot and rest of the vehicles were all Tesla Model 3.

These cars should have been delivered by now as we delayed the report due to not showing them to the world before the owners have seen them first.

The photos below are about 10 days old but more vehicles might have piled up as we speak — we will keep you posted as more and more information becomes available.

As Tesla reached 2000/week Tesla Model 3 production target earlier this month, reservation holders should be getting email invites to configure their dream car — the Tesla Model 3.

You can contact the Tesla Jacksonville Store here to inquire about the expected delivery of your vehicle or to reserve a new Tesla Model 3.

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