New batch of invites sent to Canadian Tesla Model 3 reservation holders

Canadian Tesla Model 3 reservation holders getting configuration invites now

Apr 26, 2018 | by Iqtidar Ali

Tesla Model 3 reservation holders from Canada are reporting a new wave of email invites to configure their Model 3 vehicles. Reservation holders who already have customized their orders in the previous batch of invites are expected to get their Model 3 VINs soon.

This is some great news for the Canadian Model 3 reservation holders as they will be getting their dream electric car way before some of their U.S. counterparts.

@TheTeslaLife from Twitter have confirmed through their sources that a new batch of invites has been sent to reservation holders who had reserved their Tesla Model 3 from Apr 02, 2016 to Jan 2017.

Furthermore this news is testified by Twitter users from Canada configuring their Model 3s and placing the orders with excitement.

This is a smart move by Tesla as they are close to reaching their 200,000 electric vehicles made for the U.S. and thus closing down on the end of Federal Tax Credit. The delivery push of Tesla Model 3 vehicles to Canada will allow the Model S and X customers to enjoy the Federal tax credit in the meantime.

As we reported earlier that Ontario, Canada residents can yield a CA $14,000 tax credit on their purchase of the Model 3 and Quebec residents will be able to get a $8,000 incentive.

Tesla Model 3 price is listed as CA $45,600 on Tesla website and a $14,000/$8,000 incentive is enough to attract sudden orders from Canada. Most reservation holders will try to purchase the Model 3 EV before next elections out of fear of the tax incentive expected to diminish in the next government’s rule.

Also this wil allow Tesla to sell more and more RWD Tesla Model 3s and generate max revenue before getting into full swing of 5,000 Model 3 units/week production and offering the more complex configurations such as the Dual Motor (All-Wheel Drive) option.

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